Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Show that someone special you love them by giving a gift you can both feel good about.  Purchasing eco-friendly gifts will show you put the same amount of thought into the gift that you give to them.  Every time your partner uses these gifts, they will think of your thoughtfulness not only for them, but for the planet.

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is vital to good health.  Help keep your partner hydrated by getting them a quality stainless steel water bottle they can refill using filtered water.  It’s a healthier alternative to sweets and a little more creative.

Reusable shopping bags are fashion forward and better for the environment than single use plastic bags.  Purchase 5-6 of them so that while 3 are in the car, 3 more may be in the laundry pile.  Making a habit of always keeping 3 reusable grocery bags in the car will ensure enough are on hand for spur of the moment shopping trips.

Seed paper cards are all the rage!  Along with a message of caring, the paper can be planted in a pot or in the ground come spring.  A beautiful container along with your thoughtful message is a sure way to win a smile from your special someone over and over again.

If the recipient is into biking, Hip Cycle sells unique picture frames made from recycled bicycle chains that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  These frames are environmentally friendly and perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

For the avid cook, Abeego Flats makes food covers that are made from a blend of hemp, cotton, beeswax, and plant extracts, and they mold to the shape of the bowl, cookie platter, cup, or dish you’re covering with the heat of your hand.  They’re also removable, reusable, washable and super durable.

For a romantic gift, Urban Fox makes eco-friendly lingerie that will get your heart a flutter.  All of their lingerie are designed, dyed and sewn by hand from machine-processed bamboo and organic cotton blends in the U.S.A.

Show the world you care by purchasing environmentally friendly gifts.



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