Grocery bags Scrutinized by Clemson: Plastic, Paper or Reusable?

grogery bagIt has been found that in the country of USA itself, billions of paper, plastic and non-woven grocery totes are utilized each year. After reusing most of them, they may get recycled or just get thrown into rivers and landfills. Sometimes, since the waste is improperly disposed, it causes heaps of litter everywhere.

Clemson researchers are going to analyze the impact and effect of grocery bags and their material on the entire environment. The research is going to be funded by the Hilex Poly LLC Company, and they have also given $179,864 to the Clemson University for this analysis. Researchers will try to analyze what the real consequences of using these bags are on environmental health, community health, waterways, wildlife and forests. And they plan to do an unbiased and comprehensive study of what the facts exactly are about.

Many studies already done on grocery bags, but most are incomplete or outdated

Even though quite a few studies have already been done on grocery bags in order to determine the impacts on the various aspects of the environment, the studies are mostly incomplete or irrelevant to the country. Most of these studies were conducted and done in Australia or Europe wherein the aspects related to consumer behavior, recycling and manufacturing processes are completely different from the aspects seen in the United States of America.

The plan of the researchers is to issue a scientific, factual based analysis of manufacture, usage and disposal of grocery bags. All this will be resulting from an environmental impact and effect study of each type of grocery bag used quite commonly in the US and bases the study on US assumptions and data. Now that shoppers in the country have also started using wholesale reusable bags, it is to be seen how the negative impacts on the environment will reduce.

Research includes details about wholesale reusable bags as well

The research will be basically an analysis of the life-cycle of different types of grocery bags and will look at the amount of greenhouse gases released, amount of energy used and other impacts produced on the environment, right from sourcing of the product till disposal. Researchers from Clemson will also be examining the activist and legislative roles in implementation of these policies affecting the grocery bags. Apart from this, trends and other literature will also be reviewed by the group.


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