Dallas Still Debating on Plastic Bag Ban

Dallas City Council is still debating on a plastic bag ban, an idea that was introduced by the Quality of Life Committee in March of this year. City governments across the nation are beginning to understand the importance of reducing pollution, most notably due to plastics. In response, a number of cities have imposed plastic bag bans, eliminating the use of single-use plastic bags in favor of … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Food Brands at Grocery Stores

Aside from bringing your reusable grocery bags, there are other ways to show you are environmentally aware while grocery shopping and that is with the food you purchase. Become a label reader and choose the healthiest food for you, your family and your planet. Look for products that are labeled natural, organic or sustainable for healthy eco-friendly foods. As a part of the green living … [Read more...]

Study Shows That Food Comprises Most Landfill Waste

Recent, shocking studies from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) show that almost forty percent of all food in the United States goes uneaten and ends up as landfill waste. This vast amount of wasted food product takes up the most space in municipal landfills, with plastics coming in as the second largest component. Reducing food and plastic waste are two simple steps to ensure a bright, … [Read more...]

Branded Bags Promote Environmental Responsibility

For several years, the green movement has helped people become aware of the negative impact we have on our environment. One item that has come under fire for being environmentally irresponsible is the disposable plastic grocery bag. These plastic bags are rarely recycled, utilize nonrenewable resources, blow all over the landscape, fill up our landfills and pose a hazard to wildlife. To help … [Read more...]

Rental Dumpster Facility Helps in Eco Friendly Disposal of Waste Materials

Eco Friendly Disposal

At some point of time all of us face the problem of getting rid of garbage, especially when there is a large quantity to dispose off. At such times, dumpster rental companies such as RhodeIslands’ ‘Dumpster Deliveries’ prove to be a blessing since they have the ability to take care of our garbage woes effectively. … [Read more...]

Rebate on Wholesale Cloth Shopping Bags Ends

Wholesale Cloth Shopping Bags

After providing a rebate on reusable bags for five years, Stop & Shop recently brought this program to an end. This move by the supermarket has left many environmental groups upset. One of them has even prompted to decline a donation of $10,000 to the store. … [Read more...]

Schools in Pittsburg Not Recycling Shopping Bags

Recycling Shopping Bag

David Hughes, an environmentalist, has been advocating recycling as a crucial measure to protect the environment from matters related to congested landfills and depletion of natural resources. However, he was rather disheartened that schools in Pittsburg weren’t recycling recyclable waste. Instead, recyclable items from these schools were making their way to landfills.  … [Read more...]

Earth Day Celebrations by Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Group in Washington

eco friendly

Washington D.C. will celebrate its first Earth Day on Sunday, the 21st of April, thanks to Broccoli City Fest that will be held at DC Fairgrounds. This event, organized by Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Group, is an attempt to encourage city dwellers to lead a more environment-friendly way of life. … [Read more...]

Bicycle Festival and Sale Organized by ReCycle

recycle festival

Harding Elementary School organizes a used bicycle festival each year, where all sorts of bicycle activities, from learning to ride bikes to bike hurdle races, take place. But the main aim of this festival is to salvage unused bicycles and sell them to others. Except heavily damaged ones, any kind of bikes can be donated to this festival. … [Read more...]