Is Amazon Prime in the US Using Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials?

Eco friendly bagsAmazon Prime is one of the most popular options available at, and it continues to get new customers as the days pass. A free 2 day shipping option is offered on most items offered by Amazon Prime, along with free Kindle book rental for a month and unlimited video streaming. All this costs only about $79 a year. As the orders for products are increasing, the question in most eco-conscious consumers’ minds is if Amazon prime is producing more waste or not.

Eco-minded consumers are starting to question if Amazon Prime is the best product delivery option, and if the company is making eco-friendly shipping decisions. has declined to comment on this entire matter but some of their retailers do have their own perspectives regarding the company.

Amazon Prime has speedy deliveries

Amazon Primes is one of the most convenient online shopping stores, which also provides speedy deliveries. To top it all, Amazon Prime is so far committed to reducing the waste generated from the packaging materials used. The proof to all this is the environmental friendly materials the company uses to pack all the products that are to be shipped out.

Most consumers are loyal to Amazon Prime as the service is not only too convenient but also because they don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint or cost of shipping. Amazon Prime ensures that the products are shipped out in recyclable and reusable boxes, which are just the right size for the item being shipped. It is one way by which the company tries reducing the waste generated.

Eco-friendly promotional items offered by the company

Apart from trying to cut down on the carbon footprint, the company also offers customers with eco-friendly promotional items such as wholesale reusable bags, containers and bottles online. Customers can get all this with just a click of their button. Amazon Prime is more earth friendly than what the company was five years ago.

Manufacturers and retailers all over the nation want to be associated with Amazon as they follow green practices. Even though it is quite difficult to say if Amazon Prime is greener than sopping at local retailers, most consumers feel that the company will achieve the green status very soon. In the long run, online shopping through Amazon Prime seems to be the better option.


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