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Colleges that have Gone Green

College students across the nation are among the most adamant supporters of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Students and administrators alike have come to understand the importance of environmental protection and have collaborated on a number of eco-friendly ideas that everyone can learn from. College campuses have gone beyond simply recycling in Read More

Create Shopping Bag with Hilex Poly

In order to promote recycling among the industrial sector, the Society of Plastics gives out awards to all the companies that make an effort to recycle their plastic waste every year. In this year's award ceremony the Society of Plastics Engineers Environment Division honored Hilex Poly Co which is a Read More

Plastic Waste Puts Great Lakes in Danger

Recently, scientists have been focusing research efforts on pollution levels in the Great Lakes due to plastic waste. The source of a great deal of this contamination is considered to be microplastics. Microplastics are small plastic particles which cause physical and chemical pollution in waterways. It is believed that there Read More

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Successful Brand Promotion with Reusable Bamboo Bags

Consumers are more attuned to environmental issues and “green” business than ever before – and that gives companies a terrific opportunity to make a marketing move for the ecologically-conscious consumer. By distributing reusable, recyclable bamboo bags as a promotional giveaway, you can get your brand noticed and boost your environmental profile at the same time.

Bamboo tote bags are eco-friendly products because they are made from naturally-growing, renewable bamboo.


Bamboo Bags

Bamboo Market Tote - BB1
as low as
Wholesale eco bags available with custom printing.
Bamboo Sprout Bag - BB2
as low as
Wolesale eco bags are customized reusable bags.
Bamboo Aspen Tote - BB3
as low as
Custom grocery shopping bags are a completely eco-friendly reusable bag.

Why Use Bamboo Bags?

- Natural Organic Fibers
- Renewble Materail Source
- High Preceived Value
- Rock Bottom Prices
- 100% Biodegradable
- Durable & Long Lasting

Bamboo Mammoth Bag - BB4
as low as
These custom shopping bags are biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Bamboo Panda Bag - BB5
as low as
This large custom shopping bag is eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.
Bamboo Reusable Tote Bag - BB6
as low as
Biodegradable custom shopping bags are eco-friendly and practical.

What Sets Custom Grocery Bags Apart?

At Custom Grocery Bags, we practice sound ecology by producing nothing but reusable, recyclable products from a variety of renewable, recyclable, biodegradable , or post-consumer materials. Our bulk reusable shopping bags are high-quality, low-maintenance, and very affordable. These great bamboo totes cost as little as $1.15 and are manufactured in a sustainable way from natural bamboo.

Many green products don’t offer much choice to the consumer, but our totes are extremely customizable to your company’s needs. We can produce large grocery bags and tote bags of various sizes, in a range of colors, and with your company’s logo, message, and graphics printed in long-lasting ink. The design choices are almost unlimited! Whether you want to print just a simple company logo or a complete marketing message, we can turn plain bags into walking billboards!

Thanks to our technologically advanced machinery, our factories are capable of printing out bulk reusable shopping bags orders quickly and efficiently. We know that quality is important to you, so every bag is stitched and printed to perfection. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant material that is well-suited to bag construction, with both durability and ecological friendliness built right in. Bamboo fabrics can be manufactured to thicknesses of 100 GSM, resulting in long-lasting products that can be washed time after time and still retain their strength, color, and graphic design.

Our totes and bags are lightweight, robust and fold up for easy storage in cars or homes. This also means our shipping costs to your business are low, on top of our already low production costs. You can put your message in the hands of thousands of customers for a budget price.

Our fast production schedule and superior delivery service will ensure that you have your bags in time for your marketing campaign, trade show, or other event. Your customers will love their high-quality bamboo tote, and will appreciate your company’s commitment to environmentally-friendly marketing and promotion. Putting your message in front of thousands of people, helping to preserve our natural environment, and saving money all at the same time - why look anywhere else? Contact Custom Grocery Bags today for more information on bulk reusable shopping bags.

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