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The National Mall in Washington, D.C. to Host Earth Day 2012 Event

Earth Day is April 22, 2012, and the Earth Day Network is hosting a day long event at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  The purpose of the event is to "Mobilize The Earth and demand a sustainable future."   The event is open to the public and is free.   Read More

Keep Your Bags Clean While Going Green

The benefits of reusable grocery bags far outweigh those of plastic bags, but only if your reusable bags are properly cared for. The bags are good not only because they can they be used more than once, but they are also easy to clean, durable and convenient. Proper care and Read More

How to Reduce Your Overall Kitchen Waste

A large percentage of the average person’s waste comes from the kitchen, including food, packaging and water. Reduce your kitchen waste using these simple steps and you’ll be sure to see a difference in no time. The first place to start reducing your kitchen waste is while shopping for groceries. Read More

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Personalized Non-Woven Bags to Promote Your Business

Promote your brand the eco-friendly way with “green” non-woven reusable bags from Custom Grocery Bags! These eco friendly bags made of non-woven materials are stylish, environmentally responsible and ideal for promoting your brand. Tote bags are incredibly popular with customers, trade show attendees, vendors – everyone you do business with. By giving out our non-woven bags to your contacts, you’ll actually have them advertising your business for you for many years and thanking you for the privilege. It’s a simple way to promote your brand while sending out an environmentally responsible message to your customers and prospects!


Non Woven Bags

Alpine Grocery Bag - NW1
as low as
This recyclable bag is spacious and tough enough for heavy-duty grocery shopping but portable and lightweight
Sprout Grocery Bag - NW2
as low as
These are the perfect size reusable grocery bags for any occasion.
Mammoth Grocery Bag - NW3
as low as
Made from Super-Thick 100gsm material. Reinforced handles for extra support

Why Use Non Woven Bags?

- 100% Recyclable
- Low Cost Solution
- Quality Long Lasting Bag
- Hundreds of Styles to Choose
- Eco Friendly & Sustainable
- Durable Material

Saber Grocery Bag - NW4
as low as
Sleek and fashionable reusable tote bag with reinforced carry straps
Eco Saver Grocery Bag - NW5
as low as
This "recession buster" bag is ideal for grocery shopping while boldly displaying your logo
Eco Backpack - NW6
as low as
Custom drawstring backpacks are a budget-friendly way to spread your message quickly!
Reusable Eco Tote - NW7
as low as
These handy recycled bags have non woven dual reinforced carrying handles.
Reusable Industrial Tote - NW8
as low as
A great choice for the hip industrial feel. Made for long term durability and a retro look.
Evergreen Shopping Tote - NW9
as low as
Sleek and fashionable reusable tote bag with reinforced carry straps
Eco Saver Shopping Bag - NW10
as low as
Both Economical & Eco friendly, these shopping bags are a great value.
Sprout Shopping Bag - NW11
as low as
Custom promotional tote bags perfect for trade shows & conventions.
Eco Shopping Bag - NW12
as low as
Stylish and refined with a custom side panel to complement the front & back of each bag.
Big Kahuna Bag - NW13
as low as
Great style & storage make these recycled bags perfect for a day at the beach or a shopping trip!
Fashion Tote - NW14
as low as
Stylish and fun to carry, unique trapezoid shape makes this the perfect promotional tote bag.
Eco Strap Tote - NW15
as low as
Accent trim and handles along with tons of features!
Eco School Tote - NW16
as low as
In-stock and ready to ship in over a dozen color options and over 30 imprint colors.
Reusable Jersey Bag - NW17
as low as
The convenient shape of this bag allows it to expand or fold up. Great for shopping!
Trendy Die Cut Bag - NW18
as low as
Display your logo in style without breaking the bank.
Reusable Messenger Bag - NW19
as low as
A great Eco Friendly bag on the go, for the busy professional.
Small Enviro Tote - NW20
as low as
Not only is this bag useful, but it’s also durable with stitched seams in the sides and bottom gusset.
Enviro Tote - NW21
as low as
If you’re looking to carry heavier items, this amazing bag includes a sturdy poly-board insert made from recycled plastic to provide extra strength.

Why Go “Green” With Reusable Shopping Bags?

How can your business improve its green image? By taking that extra step to show your brand’s association with ecological consciousness. Distributing reusable shopping bags is great for your company image, as you are influencing others to follow green practices and being a great example yourself. Customers reward companies that resonate with their own values – and in today’s world, initiatives taken by businesses to bring about environmental change are deeply appreciated.

Using the wrong reusable shopping bags could do you more harm than good. Low-quality reusable bags damage your brand identity – not only is your commitment to the environment questionable, you associate your company image with a low-quality product! Instead, pick a manufacturer of high-quality and high-utility. One that only provides durable bags so that your message, and your green image, stay fresh for years.

We provide:

  • A high level of customization
  • Superb value for money
  • Flexibility in style, color and design
  • No compromise on quality or services
  • Very quick turnaround time

We produce high-quality products within your budget and offers only tough, stylish and customized non-woven reusable shopping bags. We incorporate elegant designs on quality fabrics to create fabulous totes that people just love to reuse!

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