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The Many Ways to Use Jute

Jute is just one of the many eco-friendly, renewable materials you can select for your reusable grocery bags. But did you know that jute has a plethora of other uses? The inexpensive, versatile and 100% biodegradable fiber is used for a lot more than you can imagine. Jute grows quickly Read More

Promoting Re-usable Bags with a Twist

  The city of Corvallis is planning to host an interesting design competition for all the local citizens. This follows the announcement of a single-bag use policy for all retail businesses and stores. According to this policy, shops and distributors will have to charge an extra amount of 5 cents Read More

Colleges that have Gone Green

College students across the nation are among the most adamant supporters of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Students and administrators alike have come to understand the importance of environmental protection and have collaborated on a number of eco-friendly ideas that everyone can learn from. College campuses have gone beyond simply recycling in Read More

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Enhance Your Brand Image with Eco-Friendly Wine Totes

Are you looking for fun ways to market your brand at trade shows and marketing events? Custom wine tote bags make great giveaways, carrying your brand into new places and exposing your products to brand-new customers. You can leverage that marketing push even further by giving out quality reusable wine totes that are not only stylish but are also eco-friendly – giving your business a green image and reducing pollution at the same time. This is a terrific eco-friendly image enhancer for your company and its products your customers are sure to recognize and appreciate.


Wine Totes

2-Bottle Aspen Wine Tote - W1
as low as
Custom tote bags like this one will easily hold two bottles of wine, as well as soda bottles or cartons, depending on your needs.
2-Bottle Sonoma Wine Tote - W12
as low as
This non-woven 2-bottle wine bag is the perfect promotional tote bag.
6-Bottle Sonoma Tote - W14
as low as
This incredibly and versatile promotional tote bag can hold up to six bottles of wine.

Why Use Reusable Wine Totes?

- Heavy Duty Construction
- Available in Many Colors
- The Perfect Promotional Tote
- Inexpensive & Reusable
- 100% Recyclable
- Great For Wine Stores!

2-Bottle Recycled Wine Tote - W6
as low as
Choose a color combination and print your unique logo on the front.
4-Bottle Recycled Wine Tote - W8
as low as
Non-woven polypropylene material is recyclable, easy to clean, durable, and lightweight.
Single Wine Tote - W11
as low as
This single bottle promotional wine tote is the perfect carrying bag for a single bottle of wine.
4-Bottle Sonoma Wine Tote - W13
as low as
This handy 4-bottle wine tote provides all of the functionality that a promotional tote bag has to offer.
Shopper Wine Tote - W10
as low as
This promotional tote bag is a combination wine and grocery bag.
Neoprene Wine Tote - W15
as low as
Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that can insulate a hot or cold temperature and is waterproof.
2-Bottle Neoprene Wine Tote - W16
as low as
Our neoprene bottle sleeve holds up to two bottles of wine easily and safely.
Triple Wine Tote - W18
as low as
Made from 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene, this handy promotional tote bag allows you to carry up to 3 wine bottles safely and securely.
2- Bottle Natural Wine Tote - W17
as low as
This jute promotional tote bag is made from one of the most affordable natural vegetable fibers, second only to cotton.
6-Bottle Recycled Wine Tote - W9
as low as
Easily carry up to six bottles of wine, 2 Liters, or juice cartons, depending on your needs.
1-Bottle Wine Tote - W7
as low as
Safely carry one bottle of wine in this custom tote bag.
6-Bottle Sparkle Wine Tote - W5
as low as
These attractive metallic custom tote bags are durable enough to hold two wine bottles.
6-Bottle Heavy Wine Tote - W4
as low as
Interior dividers add stability to the bag and protect bottles from bumps and impacts.
4-Bottle Heavy Wine Tote - W3
as low as
Choose your favorite colors and display a unique logo on these custom tote bags.
4-Bottle Aspen Wine Tote - W2
as low as
A convenient front pocket allows you to bring along a corkscrew or another small item.

Custom Grocery Bags Presents Wine Totes

We offer an extensive range of colors, designs and styles. At Custom Grocery Bags, we offer a great range of colors and styles for wine tote bags. We use superior recycled fabrics made from post-consumer plastic content, top-quality inks, and the most modern manufacturing methods to accommodate all your design needs. Your customers will continue using these totes over and over again, serving as a constant reminder of your company’s commitment to an ecologically healthy world. We offer single packs as well as totes for 2, 4 and 6 wine bottles.

Our eco-friendly wine totes are made of recycled polypropylene materials extracted from post-consumer plastic – material that would otherwise be choking a landfill or being thrown into the ocean. This is our contribution to supporting an environment that is already burdened by billions of non-recyclable plastic bags and bottles every year. All of our custom grocery bags are 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

Recycled wine totes from Custom Grocery Bags are easily cleaned and are supported by reinforced handles and bottoms to ensure that the bag remains intact and stylish even after repeated usage and washing. We use high-quality inks to ensure that your company branding will remain visible wash after wash.

Recycled wine totes from Custom Grocery Bags are easily cleaned, and are supported by reinforced handles and bottoms to ensure that the bag remains intact and stylish even after repeated usage and washing. We use high-quality inks to ensure that your company branding will remain visible wash after wash.

With quality wine totes available for as little as $0.69 apiece, marketing your brand just became simpler, cost-efficient and very effective! Don’t wait another minute - contact us today!

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