Bring Your Reusable Grocery Bag To A Farmers Market

There are a lot of local benefits to hosting Farmers Markets.  Farmers Markets benefit producers, consumers, the environment, the community and the economy.


Farmers Markets help the farmers by cutting out the middleman and thereby allowing increased financial returns through direct selling, price control, and a regular cash flow.  Consumers are able to talk directly with the farmer and understand how pricing is determined.  For instance, since the farmers will not have to travel as far to sell their produce, the transportation costs are less, and that savings can be passed on to the consumer.  Also, sometimes big chain supermarkets have to purchase such large quantities, that the smaller farms cannot meet their requirements, so local Farmers Markets help out the smaller farmers by providing a consistent, local market.


For the consumer, Farmers Markets are a great way to get outdoors, browse beautiful, fresh produce and show off all of those trendy reusable shopping bags.  A lot of markets also share great recipe ideas, so it’s possible to find a great chili recipe while picking out fresh chili’s for example.  Farmers Markets also tend to be very educational to the consumer as you will be talking about the food you are buying directly with the source.  Weather patterns, harvest of seeds, insects, gas prices, all play a part in pricing, and you get to hear about all of it!


The food at the farmers markets will not be neatly wrapped in all that fancy plastic packaging, and this will help reduce the amount of plastic waste that ultimately ends up in landfills, thereby helping the environment.   And while the produce at the farmers markets may not look as shiny and colorful, it is also not as full of pesticides and has not been genetically manipulated to be bigger and more colorful.  The food is organic and fresh, a much healthier choice.

Community and the Economy

Farmers Markets are great for the community for several reasons.  First, they encourage social interaction particularly between rural and urban communities.  They also stimulate local economies by increasing employment.   Farmers Markets encourage consumers to support local businesses thereby keeping the money within the local community.  Generally, shoppers that visit farmers markets also end up shopping at other local retailers, thereby increasing local spending further.

So make sure you get out this season to show off all those great reusable grocery bags, support your local community, and enjoy healthier food choices.

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