Ice Cubes: Can They Be Eco-Friendly?

Ice cubes are just frozen water, right? Wrong. There’s a change coming in cold storage that could turn the idea of cooling on its head. You can learn more about jelly cubes here. Plus, you can look into how your business can make changes that ensure it’s eco-friendly. Every company is different, but there’s always something you can try.

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What Are Eco-Friendly Ice Cubes?

Researchers at the University of California, Davis has been able to create eco-friendly ice cubes. This is a major breakthrough in a cold storage industry that has always had issues with refrigerant gases, wasted water, and much more.

Jelly cubes are plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable, and anti-microbial. That’s the biggest part of the equation. These cubes prevent cross-contamination—which is common when you’re using ice to cool just about anything.

How Do Eco-Friendly Ice Cubes Help?

First, these cubes are reusable. You can use them for over 12 hours, clean them, and freeze them again. When you waste water to make ice cubes, they’re gone when you’re done with them.

Think of how a restaurant would change. You can freeze anything over and over and over with the same set of cubes you bought long ago. For a relatively-low outlay, you have ice—forever.

Changing How Business Is Done

When you make changes to how your business operates, jelly cubes are just the beginning. You can also change over to recycled and reusable bags instead of plastic. You cut back on water consumption with jelly cubes, and now you can cut out plastic consumption. Putting all these things together makes businesses cleaner and greener one step at a time. Never be afraid to change because it can save money and do right by the community.

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