Recycling Makes You Feel Good

There are all kinds of ways to recycle, and every time you choose to make a better choice, you feel better.  Simple every day changes can make a big impact on our environment, and it can all start with you:

In spite of having easy access to clean water, the United States is the world’s largest bottled water consumer.  One way to make a positive change is to start using stainless steel water bottles and filling them with tap water and ice cubes.  If you prefer, Nalgene bottles are clear, plastic bottles, that can be reused over and over again.   It takes 2,000 times more energy to produce a bottle of water than it does to produce tap water, so filling up a reusable water bottle really does save energy.  Many people intend to recycle disposable water bottles, however, 69% of bottled water containers end up in the trash and not in a recycling container.


Reusable shopping bags are another easy habit to get into once you try it. Cotton reusable grocery bags are great because they are so easy to wash and are 100% biodegradable. Jute and bamboo bags are also biodegradable, so once they have worn out, you can throw them away knowing they will decompose in a landfill. Most reusable bags will last for a couple of years with regular use, and they come in so many great designs now, they are practically a fashion statement.

Remember to bring any stashes of plastic bags to your local Target for recycling.  Located in the front of each store are recycling bins for plastic bags you may have been collecting for awhile.  The plastic bags can be brought in from any store, as long as they are free of other trash.  There is also a recycling bin for glass, plastic and aluminum bottles, and a third recycling bin for old MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges.

Consider donating any used books you have to hospice care facilities or nursing homes.   They are often happy to take any objects you may be finished with that will brighten up someones day, such as a glass vase or magazines you have finished reading.

If you have a stash of newspapers, pet stores may take them to line their cages with.  There are all sorts of ways to recycle that can make you feel like a flash mob just applauded your latest effort.


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