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New Jersey Promotes Recycling of Electronic Waste

The Department of Environmental Protection at New Jersey has decided to promote the recycling of electronic products among the residents of the state. During the holiday season, people like to exchange electronics among their friends and family as gifts. Keeping this trend in mind, the department has decided to take Read More

An Eco-friendly Construction Mechanism in Joplin

An eco-friendly design plan in Joplin is making great news. The construction system built with this design will be storm-resistant and energy-efficient. According to the Joplin Globe, this model house has been built by students and professors of the Hammons School of Architecture at Drury University. The model is that Read More

A Unique Way to Recycle Your Phones

Kiosks that work like ATMs The gadget freaks who do not like the idea of spending too much time online, looking for recyclers for their unwanted electric goods, can make use of the EcoATM. These kiosks can be easily found in any of the 15 suburban malls across the Chicago Read More

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