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South Sioux City's Campaign on Reusable Recycled Bags

A group in the South Sioux City, Bring Your Own Bag, wants the residents to adapt to a new approach towards reusable recycled bags. In the past one year, the city officials in South Sioux have been encouraging the residents to use reusable bags and to bring their own reusable Read More

Couples Recycling Various Elements at Their Weddings

Generally weddings entail a lot of investments and waste. However, many couples have grown conscious of the preventable waste. So, they donate the leftover food that can be made use of and it is not wasted. The leftovers include not only food but also the gown, wedding flowers, and other Read More

First It Was Policy-Makers; Now it’s Students

As the community meeting went ahead regarding the proposal about banning plastic bags in retail markets and stores, students waited in line to voice out their opinion on the matter as well in Santa Fe city. When the students addressed the councilors by reading whatever they’d written, the entire council Read More

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