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Mayor to Listen to the Arguments on Plastic Ban in Chicago Stores

In Chicago, environmentalists have come together to support a proposal for a ban on plastic bags in stores. However, this proposal has not been supported by retailers as they feel that such a step would affect business. Being a crucial decision-maker, the mayor will weigh the pros and cons with Read More

Keep Your Bags Clean While Going Green

The benefits of reusable grocery bags far outweigh those of plastic bags, but only if your reusable bags are properly cared for. The bags are good not only because they can they be used more than once, but they are also easy to clean, durable and convenient. Proper care and Read More

An Expo to Promote Eco-friendly Weddings

Weddings can be taxing not only on our pockets, but also on the environment. All the paper and energy that are consumed, as well as all the trash that is produced at weddings, can harm the environment greatly. As such, Garbage Gone Glam is hosting an expo, named Eat Plan Read More

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