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A Pharmacy in Ottawa to Sell Organic Products

Westboro Pharmacy – a unique pharmacy in Ottawa Mark Barnes and business partner, Frank Sicotte, bought Westboro Pharmacy in 2007. Though the pharmacy has been in existence for almost a hundred years, its new owners soon realized that for survival in a competitive environment, they had to think differently. Barnes Read More

The US Makes Way for Recycled Plastic Bags

After passing the ordinance on plastic bag ban, Los Angeles became the largest metropolis of Unites States of America to take this step. Chicago and New York too are planning to implement a similar ban on plastic bags. This ban is strictly on the plastic bags that can be used Read More

Paper Waste is Now Being Turned Into Cellulose Insulation by A Ohio Company

Bucyrus, an Ohio based company is currently turning paper waste into cellulose insulation, which is considered to be eco-friendly. Almost 4-6 truckloads of paper that is wasted every day is taken by Advanced Fiber Technology and turned into earth-friendly insulation at the plant. The truckloads mostly include newspapers and other Read More

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