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Make a Style Statement with Tire Bags and Custom Canvas Bags

The need to recycle tires According to statistics, every year close to a billion tires are disposed into landfills in the US. Out of the total number of tires that are thrown into the landfills, only 25 percent of the tires are recovered by recycling centers. The rest of the Read More

Wilton Go Green Organizes an Eco-friendly Festival

The Wilton Go Green organization put together an eco-friendly event on the 5th of May, 2013. The organizers of this event organized several activities such as games and a 5K marathon. The primary purpose of this event was to encourage the eco-friendly behavior among the residents of Wilton, especially the Read More

Custom Gift Bag in West Valley

With the increased awareness on the benefits of reusable bags, a lot of residents in the US are making a conscious effort in order to include reusable bags in their daily routine. In fact, a resident from San Jose, Donna Nardi, has been selling reusable totes and custom gift bag Read More

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