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Bainbridge Island’s Reusable Tote Design Contest Results Announced

The wholesale reusable bags design contest, which was being held by the Bainbridge Island city members, has finally ended after it was conducted for over a month. A lot of submissions for the contests were seen, and quite a few number of votes came in for the designs. City staff Read More

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Enhance Your Brand Visibility with Eco-Friendly Cooler Bags

Plastic bags overwhelming our landfills and winding up in the ocean – it’s become an environmental cliché, but it’s an appalling reality. Now imagine that you can take real action to reduce that problem – and advertise your business at the same time! That’s the power of using environmentally-friendly promotional cooler bags as a giveaway to your current and prospective customers. You save the planet and boost your advertising exposure – a classic win-win. Not only does your green message get out to thousands of new customers, you also boost your company’s public commitment to a greener way of doing business.


Cooler Bags

Custom Large Insulated Cooler Totes - CL1
as low as
Our most popular Custom Large Insulated Cooler Totes! Many colors to choose from
Promotional Insulated Cooler Bags - CL2
as low as
Stylish, durable and incredibly versatile. This cooler bag has two extra pockets and a zippered top.
Reusable Insulated Cooler Totes - CL3
as low as
Great for a quick snack or lunch on the go. The Reusable Insulated Cooler Totes are stylish and practical.

Why Use Cooler Bags?

- Insulated Interior Lining
- Non-Toxic, Food Safe
- Great for Concerts & Outings
- Lowest Prices
- Hundreds of Styles to Choose
- Will Withstand Years of Use

Custom Promotional Insulated Backpacks - CL4
as low as
Our Custom Promotional Insulated Backpack has drawstring straps, a top handle and a net outer picket for drinks.
Recyclable Insulated Drink Totes - CL5
as low as
Bright colors, large and beautiful. These cooler bags are a great option to brand your company
Customized Insulated Cooler Totes - CL6
as low as
This Customized Insulated Cooler Tote has all the style at a fraction of the price!
Reusable Wholesale Insulated Totes - CL7
as low as
The Reusable Wholesale Insulated Tote is up to the task! Durable, efficient, and sleek, this bag has it all!
Brown Bag Cooler Totes - CL8
as low as
A modern eco-friendly version of the classic brown paper lunch bag. This Brown Bag Cooler Tote has set the new standard.
Custom Cooler Bags - CL9
as low as
Reusable & recyclable, these Custom Cooler Bags include a velcro top enclosure.
Promotional Insulated Cooler Totes - CL10
as low as
Keep your food and beverages at just the right temperature in this fashionable full color Promotional Insulated Cooler Totes.
Wholesale Insulated Totes - CL11
as low as
Made from reusable 210D polyester, this Wholesale Insulated Tote includes a velcro enclosure and top carry handle.
Recycled Insulated Cooler Bags - CL12
as low as
This Recycled Insulated Cooler Bag quickly folds up for easy carrying.
Wholesale Insulated Cotton Cooler Bags - CL13
as low as
This Wholesale Insulated Cotton Cooler Bag is made with natural cotton fibers. What a great way to leave a lasting impression.
Promotional Insulated Cooler Totes - CL14
as low as
Promotional Insulated Cooler Totes are made from Recycled PET material. Super thick insulated interior and zippered enclosure.
Giant Recycled Cooler Bags - CL15
as low as
Our Giant Recycled Cooler Bags are sturdy and very durable. These cooler totes have a very high perceived value and a very low price!
Oversized Wholesale Cooler Bags - CL16
as low as
A great option for takeout, outdoor activities or packing a few lunches, this fun Oversized Wholesale Cooler Bag has so many uses.
Custom Freezable Cooler Bags - CL17
as low as
Freezable cubes are built in to this handy pack for drinks or lunch. A great way to promote your business in a lasting way.
Reusable Cooler Can Bags - CL18
as low as
Water resistant and very effective. This Reusable Cooler Can Bags can fit a whole 6-pack. Great for picnics and company events!

Embrace a Greener Way of Doing Business

How can you do it? Simple – by using recyclable cooler bags from Custom Grocery Bags, manufactured from post-consumer plastic products. We will imprint the bags with your company logo and marketing message, and you can hand them out as portable billboards at trade events, retail locations, marketing promotions, etc. These recyclable cooler bags are durable, affordable and very stylish.

Stylish Reusable Cooler Totes From Custom Grocery Bags

These recyclable cooler bags contain a thermal lining that keeps items hot or cold, making them terrific for picnics, car trips, travel, camping out – anywhere away from the refrigerator. Reusable totes are a great alternative to disposable plastic coolers and cooler bags, and are non-toxic to boot!

What should you look for in the perfect promotional cooler bag?

  • Long-lasting high quality material
  • Customization options
  • 100% reusable and recyclable
  • Costs as low as $0.79!

We have developed a line of reusable cooler bags that have all these features and more.

Great Selection of Sizes and Designs

It’s not just cooler bags – We also offer a wide range of cooler backpacks, lunch bags and motor totes in many designs. Every customizable bag from Custom Grocery Bags can be personalized with your company logo, marketing message, and whatever graphic designs you come up with. Our attention to detail and high quality standards ensure that your promotional cooler bags look stylish and vibrant, while being reusable time after time.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Techniques

We are committed to doing business in an environmentally-friendly way, and we use safe and sustainable techniques to extract and manufacture all our products. Cooler bags from Custom Grocery Bags are manufactured from a non-woven plastic material called polypropylene. This 5-type recycled form of disposed plastic is extracted from plastic bottles and containers that have already been used – not only is each cooler bag recyclable itself, it’s made from recycled materials! We manufacture stylish and durable bags that help preserve the environment, using resistant but non-toxic dyes and inks that are natural and water based.

Deliveries on Time, Every Time!

Our well-equipped factory and sophisticated distribution network ensures that your order is delivered on time and on budget, whether you need just a few hundred bags or many thousands. Our careful packaging techniques ensure that your reusable cooler totes arrive in mint condition while keeping shipping costs at a minimum.

Opt for reusable cooler bags from us and join the green movement. We can help you put your marketing message in front of thousands of new customers, and establish your credentials as a company that cares about the environment at the same time. Don’t delay, contact Custom Grocery Bags today !

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