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Practice Sustainability in Grocery Stores

If you have already started practicing sustainability by using wholesale reusable bags, you will probably save the use of twenty-one thousand plastic bags and covers in your lifetime. The point is that practicing sustainability isn’t all that hard and this can also be included in the food industry as well. Read More

Organic Salt-free Seasoning in California, Arizona, and Hawaii

Responding to the continuing demand for organic foods, Engage Organics is making its range of salt-free seasoning blends available across California, Arizona, and Hawaii. The promotional launch will take place on June 22nd and 23rd at all five locations of Andronico’s, a Bay Area grocery chain known for quality items. Read More

Oklahoma State University (OSU) to Set Up an Eco Village

  Educational institutions have always taken up initiatives to try and propagate eco friendly lifestyles among their students. Oklahoma State University is following the same trend and is planning on incorporating an eco village in its campus. This project will seek to promote sustainable methods of living among students by exposing Read More

Read More

Cotton Bags

With our organic cotton bags we bring you the world’s most popular material. Cotton makes a great choice for bags due to its durability and versatility. The organic cotton bag raises awareness about protecting the environment. In today’s world it’s important to be forward thinking, with these organic cotton bags your company is sure to be recognized as being an early adopter of the move to go green. Make a difference and gain exposure for your brand by choosing from our wide variety of organic cotton bags. Versatile and stylish, these bags have a proven record of success among businesses ranging from grocery, food & hospitality to the technology sector.


Organic Cotton Bags

Organic Cotton Colored Tote Bags - OC1
as low as
Stylish and affordable! Make an eco-friendly statement with these all natural tote bags.
Organic Cotton Messenger Bags - OC2
as low as
Cotton Messenger totes are designed to brand your business and keep you on the move.
Organic Cotton Sprout Bags - OC3
as low as
Great for quick trips to the market or local shop. Printed with your custom logo!
Organic Cotton Classic Gusset Totes - OC4
as low as
The classic tote bag redefined! Super sturdy and durable, customized to your liking!
Organic Cotton Carry-All Totes - OC5
as low as
Rope handles, attached with metal grommets makes this cotton tote a unique and memorable promotional product.
Organic Cotton Designer Totes - OC6
as low as
Savvy, chic cotton totes, infused with character. Customize your today!
Reusable Cotton Tradeshow Bags - OC7
as low as
Sturdy and durable material and construction make this bag perfect for multiple tasks. Includes rope handles and grommets.
Reusable Organic Cotton Oversized Totes - OC8
as low as
This all-natural cotton tote bag is sized right for just about any activity. Large imprint area for your logo.
Organic Cotton Drawstring Backpacks - OC9
as low as
Great for hiking a trail or across town. The cotton backpack is versatile and strong.
Wholesale Organic Cotton Totes - OC10
as low as
These totes come standard with color accent trim and handles. Brand your company with style!
Recycled Organic Cotton Zippered Totes - OC11
as low as
Secure your belongings with a zippered closure. This is high-end cotton tote stands above the rest.
Organic Cotton Shopping Bags with Accent Trim - OC12
as low as
One of our most popular styles. Cotton shopping totes are quickly becoming the most sought after style of reusable bags.
Wholesale Cotton Laguna Totes - OC13
as low as
Thick and durable premium cotton fabric paired with superior construction makes this tote a favorite!
Promotional Cotton Eco Totes - OC14
as low as
The original reusable cotton bag that started it all. Print your company's custom logo and more!
Cotton Reusable Handy Totes - OC15
as low as
Made in the USA for the environmentally conscious patriot!
Organic Cotton American Frontier Totes - OC16
as low as
Start building your brand name by giving these stylish totes to your customers.
Reusable Cotton Shopping Totes - OC17
as low as
Made from Recycled Cotton! 100% biodegradable! Printed with your logo!
Organic Cotton Reusable Totes - OC18
as low as
We pass the savings directly to our clients. Order today and get wholesale prices!
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