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Be Present takes their Eco-friendly Initiative a Step Further

 Be Present, a Denver based company that manufactures eco-friendly clothing for yoga, has collaborated with UPS to ship their clothing in carbon neutral packaging. This company has always been focused on promoting eco-friendly lifestyles, and with this collaboration, it has taken its efforts to the next level. The company is Read More

Eco-friendly Renovations at Kellogg House

The Victorian style Kellogg House at Williams College is set to be renovated according to international eco-friendly standards by fall 2014, if the renovation plan is successfully met. A committee of 20 students and staff are currently working to ensure that this building becomes the first renovated Living Building. All Read More

Wilton Go Green Organizes an Eco-friendly Festival

The Wilton Go Green organization put together an eco-friendly event on the 5th of May, 2013. The organizers of this event organized several activities such as games and a 5K marathon. The primary purpose of this event was to encourage the eco-friendly behavior among the residents of Wilton, especially the Read More

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Are Our Reusable Bags Safe?

Continuing coverage in the media have drawn attention from many regarding the product safety of some reusable bags. We want you to know that all of our bags are entirely safe. What exactly does safe mean?

Each of our bags, coatings, and imprint inks is independently tested and fully compliant with all currently enacted legislation. This compliance primarily encompasses California Proposition 65, the Consumer Product Safety Act of 1972 (CPSA), the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), and the Toxics in Packaging Prevention Act (TIPPA). We've instituted an extensive compliance program that continuously evaluates and updates our products and processes as these laws change. For example, acceptable levels of some dangerous elements will become more stringent in August, 2011 under the CPSIA and our products will be fully compliant even as these new measures take effect. Supporting compliance documents are available upon request.

While lead is one of the primary heavy metals regulated by this legislation, CustomGroceryBags.com has expanded our product safety testing to include other heavy core metals as well, namely mercury, chromium, and cadmium. We're very pleased to tell you that all of our bags are heavy metal-free for each of these materials. In addition, this level of compliance encompasses the imprint inks we use. The truth is, we've been fully compliant for years, giving great focus to the quality and safety our bags.

Please rest assured that we're hard at work making sure you are completely comfortable about the use of our bags to promote your business.

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