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Save Money and Water with Eco Friendly Rain Barrels

Knoxville city, Knox County’s Water Quality Forum, and Farragut town have come together to offer citizens low-cost compost bins and “Ivy” rain barrels to help them save money and improve the area’s quality of water. After placing online orders, residents can collect the bins and barrels. How eco friendly rain Read More

Recycling in Jackson County will Promote Re Usable Grocery Bags

The residents of Jackson County will soon be a part of a new and improved garbage disposal plan. This contract will last for five years and is in association with the Waste Pro. It is aimed at encouraging the habit of recycling among the 26,000 rural households in the county. Read More

Celebrities Promote Eco-Fashion and Custom Eco Bags

Eco-fashion has been propagated by many celebrities in the past few years and this year, Bradley Cooper joined this list as well. Bradley Cooper wore a spectacular eco-friendly tux at this year's Golden Globe Awards and was appreciated for his sophisticated attire by all fashionistas. Some of the other celebrities Read More

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