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How To Use Custom Grocery Bags As An Advertising Tool

Custom grocery bags make a great advertising tool for your business. They aren’t just for grocery stores anymore, many businesses hand out, or sell, promotional reusable shopping bags to their customers. The bags not are not only a terrific way to get your business name, logo or brand out there, Read More

Recycling Rates and Wholesale Reusable Bags Increase at University of Central Florida

The students at the University of Central Florida are making efforts to increase their recycling rates. The Recycling and Housekeeping services at the university have labeled all the dustbins in order to guide the students. The dustbins at the university have a label saying ‘landfill’ on them, and the students Read More

The Earth Friendly Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo is known for its fast growth cycle and natural strength.  Bamboo stalks are the fastest growing woody plants in the world.  They are capable of growing up to 2 feet or more per day.  Highly adaptable, bamboo can grow almost anywhere and protects the environment by generating more oxygen Read More

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