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Stylish Eco Friendly Shopping Bags to Replace Plastic Bags

Following the footsteps of many other cities of U.S, San Francisco and California too have implemented the plastic bag ban. Though it has been a long time since the implementation, the ban is still getting mixed reactions from the residents of these cities. Fate of the ban San Francisco started Read More

Use Recycled Pet Totes to Clean Pet Waste

Animals like dogs and cats are found abundantly in cities. With a large number of pets walking the streets, huge quantities of pet waste is inevitable. When we speak of pet waste being a nuisance, we aren’t just referring to the litter. More important than that is the fact that Read More

Proposal to Introduce Printed Custom Bags Promotional in Tompkins County

Tompkins County Environmental Management Council is planning to place a ban over plastic bags circulation in the city. The ban also aims at charging a fee for paper bags. This will ensure a gradual transition in consumer behavior. People will switch from using plastic bags to reusable bags. The Council Read More

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