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Why Buy From Custom Grocery Bags?

Custom Grocery Bags offers a wide variety of recycled, reusable grocery and tote bags for your company and your customers. They are available in a variety of fabrics from recycled plastic and non-woven polypropylene to natural materials such as bamboo, jute and organic cotton. Ordering our eco-friendly products can give Read More

Elevation Burger – A Delight for Organic Food Lovers

Elevation Burger, a fast food chain, has been satisfying the cravings of organic food lovers in the US since the year 2005. Their grass-fed beef burgers are becoming a hit with the masses that prefer organic food without compromising on the taste. The food joint is famous for serving food Read More

An Eco-friendly Restaurant in St. Charles

A new eco-friendly restaurant has opened up in St Charles. The announcement of its opening was made in the month of January 2013. This restaurant will focus on environment-friendly practices. The food they serve is procured locally and is organic. The restaurant is named “Prasino” which in Greek means ‘green’. Read More

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Cotton Bags, Brand Promotion, and Saving the Earth – There’s a Connection!

The grim fact is that literally billions of plastic bags are thrown away each year, and this has been in the spotlight for a long time. It’s a constant waste, bad for animal populations, and a major burden on landfills. There is, however, a growing trend that offers some hope – reusable bags and totes. Since 1999, the number of people using reusable bags for their shopping has quadrupled, and the movement towards these more environmentally-responsible products continues on a path of steady growth.


Biodegradable Bags

Organic Cotton Colored Tote Bags - OC1
as low as
Stylish and affordable! Make an eco-friendly statement with these all natural tote bags.
Organic Cotton Messenger Bags - OC2
as low as
Cotton Messenger totes are designed to brand your business and keep you on the move.
Organic Cotton Sprout Bags - OC3
as low as
Great for quick trips to the market or local shop. Printed with your custom logo!

Why Use Cotton Bags?

- Made from 100% Cotton
- 100% Biodegradable
- Many Styles to Choose
- High Quality Construction
- Certified Organic Available
- Made to Last Years

Organic Cotton Classic Gusset Totes - OC4
as low as
The classic tote bag redefined! Super sturdy and durable, customized to your liking!
Organic Cotton Carry-All Totes - OC5
as low as
Rope handles, attached with metal grommets makes this cotton tote a unique and memorable promotional product.
Organic Cotton Designer Totes - OC6
as low as
Savvy, chic cotton totes, infused with character. Customize your today!
Reusable Cotton Tradeshow Bags - OC7
as low as
Sturdy and durable material and construction make this bag perfect for multiple tasks. Includes rope handles and grommets.
Reusable Organic Cotton Oversized Totes - OC8
as low as
This all-natural cotton tote bag is sized right for just about any activity. Large imprint area for your logo.
Organic Cotton Drawstring Backpacks - OC9
as low as
Great for hiking a trail or across town. The cotton backpack is versatile and strong.
Wholesale Organic Cotton Totes - OC10
as low as
These totes come standard with color accent trim and handles. Brand your company with style!
Recycled Organic Cotton Zippered Totes - OC11
as low as
Secure your belongings with a zippered closure. This is high-end cotton tote stands above the rest.
Organic Cotton Shopping Bags with Accent Trim - OC12
as low as
One of our most popular styles. Cotton shopping totes are quickly becoming the most sought after style of reusable bags.
Wholesale Cotton Laguna Totes - OC13
as low as
Thick and durable premium cotton fabric paired with superior construction makes this tote a favorite!
Promotional Cotton Eco Totes - OC14
as low as
The original reusable cotton bag that started it all. Print your company's custom logo and more!
Cotton Reusable Handy Totes - OC15
as low as
Made in the USA for the environmentally conscious patriot!
Organic Cotton American Frontier Totes - OC16
as low as
Start building your brand name by giving these stylish totes to your customers.
Reusable Cotton Shopping Totes - OC17
as low as
Made from Recycled Cotton! 100% biodegradable! Printed with your logo!
Organic Cotton Reusable Totes - OC18
as low as
We pass the savings directly to our clients. Order today and get wholesale prices!

The Wonderful Cotton Bag

Did you know that your business can not only help this trend, it can also boost its environmental profile and greatly expand the reach of its marketing message at the same time? By distributing eco-friendly cotton bags printed with your brand message to your current and prospective customers, you can promote green alternatives and strengthen your credentials as an environmentally-aware company or organization. It’s a win-win – you reduce the amount of plastic waste choking our landfills and oceans, and at the same time you put your company message in front of thousands of new prospects with recycled reusable bags.

Our organic cotton bags use cotton grown with the latest eco-friendly practices, and make a great alternative to regular non-woven bags. These recycled reusable bags use natural fibers and are easy to maintain (just wash and dry), convenient to carry, and simple to store. Plus, with your marketing message printed in our durable inks, every bag is not only a boon to the environment, it’s a bump to your bottom line as more and more people see your brand message! Distributing free customized cotton bags to your patrons is like handing out portable billboards advertising your company’s products and services.

Customized cotton bags are manufactured from 100% organic cotton, are lightweight, handy, durable and stylish enough to show off. At XYZ, our high professional standards and modern manufacturing plant ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

  • High quality printing
  • Flexible customization of your marketing message
  • Fast production and delivery
  • Many styles and colors to choose from

Every business needs a high-quality yet affordable promotional giveaway that enhances their messaging – adding the “green” factor is icing on the cake. And it’s an icing that your increasingly green-conscious customer base will genuinely appreciate. Custom Grocery Bags offers an exciting range of colorful and stylish recycled reusable bags for promotional purposes. With complete flexibility to print company logos, slogans, messages and impressive graphics, you can pick from a range of sizes from small grocery totes to large shopping bags.

Whether you need a few hundred bags or a few thousand, our well-equipped factory can assemble your top-quality custom totes quickly and efficiently. And because our products are light and space-efficient, our compact packaging saves you substantially on shipping costs. So what are you waiting for? Give your brand promotion an organic cotton twist by contacting Custom Grocery Bags today!

High Quality, Great Value

Shoddy or cheap-feeling bags will backfire as promotional items – your company will be associated in the customer’s mind with the tote bag they have that’s falling to bits after just a few uses. That’s why we produce only the highest quality bags and never compromise on quality. We ensure that every organic cotton bag produced has the best stitching and is correctly printed so that your customers will be happy to carry around these trendy and eco-friendly alternatives.

Big Orders, Small Orders – All Produced Quickly and Delivered Fast

Whether you need a few hundred bags or a few thousand, our well-equipped factory can assemble your top-quality custom totes quickly and efficiently. And because our products are light and space-efficient, our compact packaging saves you substantially on shipping costs.

So what are you waiting for? Give your brand promotion an organic cotton twist by contacting Custom Grocery Bags today!

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