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The Advantages of Using Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. Technically a grass, bamboo is quickly becoming one of the key players in the eco-friendly movement due to its versatility and renewable properties. In fact, these plants have been reported to grow 250 centimeters in a single day! Since bamboo Read More

Boulder, Colorado Proposes Fixed Charge on Grocery Bags

Boulder City Council recently approved an ordinance, under which shoppers will have to start paying a fee for disposable grocery bags from July, 2013. After multiple concerns were raised about the proposed fee, council members have decided on a fixed charge of 10 cents - half of the original proposed Read More

Custom Printed Grocery Bags a Must in Mamaroneck

The retailers and shopkeepers in Mamaroneck region will have to switch to reusable bags from the 31st of March, 2013. In the month of April, if the stores don't stop providing plastic bags to their customers, they will be fined a sum of $150. According to the county municipality, this Read More

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Eco-Friendly Folding Bags

One of the most popular trade show promotional offerings is also one of the most effective – giveaway tote bags emblazoned with your company logo and message. There’s a way to leverage this popular giveaway item with a “green” message and a positive environmental impact: recyclable trade-show tote bags from Custom Grocery Bags!

Reusable totes are the ideal combination of eco-friendliness and value for money. At Custom Grocery Bags, we go to great lengths to provide you with the best products and still fit into your tight budget.


Folding Bags

Contrast Folding Tote - FT1
as low as
These wholesale recycled shopping bags are durable enough to hold just about anything you can carry. Folding capability makes for simple storage in any car or purse.
All-In One Folding Tote - FT2
as low as
Customized reusable shopping bags are big enough to hold just about anything you can carry. Folding capabilities make for simple storage.
Zip Pouch Folding Tote - FT3
as low as
Nice and large, these custom recyclable bags made of Polypropylene are foldable and easy to store.

Why Use Folding Bags?

- Completely Customizable
- Eco-Friendly Materials
- Great for Conventions & Events
- Low Wholesale Pricing
- 100% Reusable
- Long Lasting Promotional Item

Large Capacity Folding Tote - FT4
as low as
These custom recycled bags are durable and functional. The folding capability makes for convenient storage.
Convenient Folding Tote - FT5
as low as
These convenient custom recycled bags will last and contain dual imprint locations for maximum ad exposure.
Canvas Folding Slingbag - FT6
as low as
Wholesale recycled shopping bags are eco-friendly and practical. Folding tote is easy to store.
Sleek Folding Tote - FT7
as low as
Great for toting just about anything, this tote's folding capabilities makes for easy storage.
Drawstring Folding Tote - FT8
as low as
Custom recycled bags combine form with function for practicality and ease in storage.
Folding Cooler Snap Tote - FT9
as low as
Custom recyclable bags are durable and washable. Reuse them over and over again. Folding capability makes for convenient storage.
Shopper Folding Tote - FT10
as low as
This folding tote is coated which makes it not only durable for multiple uses but also water-resistant! Great For grocery shopping, tradeshows, book stores and more.
Drawstring Closure Folding Tote - FT11
as low as
Reusable tote that folds into itself includes a drawstring closure for convenient storage. Custom options are available upon request.
Foldaway Tote - FT12
as low as
This folding tote includes a zippered front pocket when closed. Multiple imprint locations are available upon request.
Deluxe Folding Tote - FT13
as low as
This folding bag contains contains two reinforced handles to assist in carrying large amounts of goods. This bag folds into an inner pocket and contains a zipper closure for added storage space.
Zipper Cooler Folding Tote - FT14
as low as
This tote not only folds into itself, it also contains inside insulation to keep good hot or cold for an extended period of time. Also contains zipper closure and three imprint locations.
Two-Toned Folding Tote - FT15
as low as
Heavy duty folding bag in 100 GSM polypropylene. Includes eye catching custom handle and side panel colors. Includes a snap closure for easy storage.
Fancy Folding Tote - FT16
as low as
Perfect for grocery shopping or farners markets, this tote folds down into itself and includes a drawstring for easy storage.
Clip Folding Tote - FT17
as low as
This bag conveniently folds into a separate pouch. Includes a snap closure and plastic clip for easy storage. Stylish, lightweight and cost effective!
Folding Storage Cubes - FT18
as low as
These stackable cubes instantly modernize and organize offices, shelves, and closets and feature a securely attached lid imprinted with your logo.

Why Folding Bags?

High quality materials

All our folding bags are created from recycled materials like PET (Polythylene Terephthalate), poly canvas and polypropylene. These non-woven materials are extracted from disposed plastic bottles and converted to strong, lightweight, and non-toxic fabrics. The eco-friendly fabrics woven at Custom Grocery Bags are soft, durable and completely recyclable.

Flexible customization

Thanks to our advanced machinery and flexible production process, you can have complete creative freedom over the design and look of your trade show bag. With an extensive range of available colors, you can choose to imprint company logos, slogans and graphics to tightly target your message at trade shows. With hundreds of bag styles to choose from, you can experiment with design options – and we provide free imprint samples so the look of your final production order will never come as a surprise.

Service on short notice

Our factories can produce bulk orders of 2,500 to 20,000 bags quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality – and we can handle larger orders too. We deliver large orders within 60 to 90 days, and can provide a quick turnaround time on stock products if you are in a rush – less than two weeks for in-stock products imprinted with your company logo and name!

Excellent value for money

We focus our manufacturing process on reducing cost while maintaining or improving quality. Our bags are designed in a streamlined and cost-effective manner, and all of our products are lightweight and durable. Not only do you get a great bag for your money, our low production weights mean that shipping costs are always reasonable.

Don’t wait until the last minute to build your green image and attract customer attention at this year’s trade shows. Contact Custom Grocery Bags for superior, stylish and eco-friendly folding bags today!

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