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Recycle Day and Distributor Reusable Bags at Connellsville

To promote recycling among the residents, the Electronics Department of the Connellsville Area Career and Technical Center is planning to organize an electronics recycling event. The residents from the city will be allowed to dispose their old electronic appliances at the event. The students from the Department conducted a similar Read More

Winter Energy Saving Tips

While it might seem far, winter is fast approaching, and with it, the annual souring energy costs that can break the bank. Making some easy, inexpensive changes this winter can translate into big savings on winter bills. Below we’ve compiled five effective energy saving tips.   Drafts created by openings Read More

The Reusable Grocery Bag, a Hero Among Accessories

You are probably already the proud owner of at least one reusable grocery bag. Whether you bought it from your local grocery story or were given a freebie at a tradeshow, you have it, but forget to utilize it. Having the reusable bags is only half the battle, remembering to Read More

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