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Ban of Plastic Bags Takes Effect in San Luis Obispo County

The much debated imposition of a plastic bag ban in San Luis Obispo County came into effect on October 1st, 2012. Hundreds of stores all over the county stopped providing customers with single-use plastics for shopping purposes. Most of the shoppers had come prepared with wholesale reusable bags on the Read More

Colleges that have Gone Green

College students across the nation are among the most adamant supporters of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Students and administrators alike have come to understand the importance of environmental protection and have collaborated on a number of eco-friendly ideas that everyone can learn from. College campuses have gone beyond simply recycling in Read More

Recycling Program in Cuyahoga County

Years ago, citizens of Ohio were faced with the issue of decreasing space for landfills, a matter which was not taken lightly. Over the years, they have been making an effort to reduce the volume of their personal waste as well as set aside used items for recycling. As a Read More

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