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Local Food is known to be Trendy, but is it Also Eco-Friendly?

With the country going green, quite a few questions are being raised regarding the food that is grown locally. It is quite a trend among urbanites in USA to buy from the farmer’s market and cook locally grown food, but the question is if it is truly eco-friendly. Locally grown Read More

Unilever Initiates Recycling Program for Deodorant Sticks

  Unilever, the company that has introduced well-known deodorants like Suave, Axe, Dove, and Degree has partnered with Earth911- a company that provides information on recycling, for a project on deodorant stick recycling. The team is also supported by companies such as FundingFactory and NextLife. The recycling project The project aims Read More

Research on Organic Electronics

A team of researchers led by Maggie Payne, who is a junior in Physics major, is studying the link between the electrical properties and physical structure of organic semiconductors crystals. The team is working towards advances in organic semiconductor technology which can in the future lead to electronics being sewn Read More

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