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California Shore Lines About to Get a Little Cleaner

President Obama has approved a ban, initiated by California Senator Joe Simitian in 2004, to force cruise and cargo ships to dump their sewage at least three miles out from any California coast.  Joe Simitian initiated the ban in 2004, along with Governor Schwarzenegger, but the EPA under the Bush Read More

Corvallis, Oregon To Propose Plastic Bag Ban

Corvallis, Oregon may become the second city in the state of Oregon to pass a plastic bag ban.  There could potentially also be a $.05 fee on paper bags as well, encouraging residents to use eco friendly reusable shopping bags. Portland was the first city to ban plastic bags in Read More

Plastic Bag Ban in San Clemente

The Coastal Advisory Commission at San Clemente is perturbed by the escalating issue of plastic bag waste disposal. So, it has proposed that the city council of San Clemente should put a ban on the usage of single-use plastic bags within the city limits. The city council has contemplated on Read More

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