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Grocery Bags Likely to Carry Bacteria

Reusable bags are considered to be a better alternative to plastic bags when it comes to protecting the environment but a study performed by two universities suggests that these bags may have bacteria such as E. Coli. Time and again, environmentalists have urged us to switch to reusable bags for Read More

Sacramento Legislative House to Consider a Ban on Plastic Bags and Promote Discount Shopping Bags

Bans on plastic bags have been making a lot of news in various states in the US. In past four years, the awareness on the harmful effects of plastic bags has increased. As a result, several governmental agencies have either banned or restricted the usage of plastic bags within their Read More

Recycle Contest between Hazel Park and Clawson to promote Custom Grocery Bags

The residents in Clawson are being encouraged by the city council to recycle more. The city council of Clawson is hosting a recycling competition with Hazel Park to motivate the residents to recycle more. This recycling competition is going to last for a span of one month, and the region Read More

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