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An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cremation

Laura Buzzelli demonstrated her love for the environment while alive and in death. When she died in March 2009, she was buried in a natural way without a vault, casket, and embalming in keeping with her wishes. Six weeks prior to her death, she revealed her idea of burial to Read More

Encourage More People in USA to Use Reusable Totes to Reduce Waste

With so many cities in the country of USA passing laws and imposing bans on usage of plastic bags, residents are switching to using wholesale reusable bags and paper bags. Even though the transition has been quite hard for most residents, they are willingly accepting the change for the benefit Read More

Chicago Aldermen Looking To Ban Plastic Bags

The city of Chicago is comprised of 50 wards or legislative districts. Each ward elects one Alderman. The 50 Aldermen comprise Chicago's City Council, who along with the Mayor of Chicago, govern the city.  Joe Mareno, Chicago Alderman of the First Ward, wants to ban plastic bags in Chicago. The Read More

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