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Dallas Still Debating on Plastic Bag Ban

Dallas City Council is still debating on a plastic bag ban, an idea that was introduced by the Quality of Life Committee in March of this year. City governments across the nation are beginning to understand the importance of reducing pollution, most notably due to plastics. In response, a number Read More

Mattress Recycling Bill Passed by State Senate

Disposing off biodegradable or recyclable waste like paper or plastic is easy. But what about disposing off old mattresses? With approximately two million mattresses and box springs being dumped on California’s open spaces, it’s not surprising that the State Senate passed a bill for recycling of old mattresses on Thursday, Read More

Eco-friendly Salon in Harlem

A new eco-friendly salon, called Simply Hair, was launched in Harlem recently. After starting to research on ways to reduce her carbon footprint, owner and hair stylist Ruth Brooks found that enough products were available in the market for her to run a completely green salon, and it would serve Read More

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