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College Students Encourage Wholesale Eco Friendly Shopping Bags for RecycleMania

The students from the University of Michigan are excited about participating in this year's RecycleMania. One of the students from the university, Julian Tabron is making the effort of recycling college waste in his house, as he feels that Detroit does not have a lot of recycling centers. At present, Read More

Eco Friendly Promotional Items Preferred in Philadelphia

What if you could help the Earth stay green by residing in a “green home”? Marco Bitran is one such home builder who believes in making houses with eco friendly promotional items. He is a graduate from MIT, Bitran and a builder working for a company which manages and develops Read More

Unique Recycling Program in Las Cruces to Promote Reusable Shopping Bags

In order to encourage eco-friendly behavior among the residents, the city council of Las Cruces has collaborated with a company named Trex Co. to conduct the Bags to Benches program in the county. This program will give all the residents in Las Cruces an opportunity to trade their plastic waste Read More

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