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Non-Woven Totes Filled with Gifts Encourage New Mothers to Breast-feed

The management in Covenant Plainview Hospital has found that giving new mothers non-woven totes filled with relevant gifts encourages them to breast-feed their children. These totes have various accessories related to babies, and according to the hospital authorities, these accessories help in promoting the breast-feeding option among the new mothers. Read More

Recycled Bags, Reusable Trade Show Bags Can Help Santa Fe after Plastic Bag Ban

Santa Fe has almost finalized its verdict on the ban on plastic bags. The city is most likely to ban carry out bags made from plastic in all the stores. Almost all the city councilors have showed their support for the bag ban. What does the ban hold in store? Read More

Pet Bag Dispensers and Green Pet Bags at Boylston

Bolyston’s Recreation Coordinator Karen Barber and husband Stu have initiated an attempt towards curbing the possible hazards due to animal waste. Kelly Freda, an environmental analyst at the Department of Conservation and Recreation in West Boylston, pointed out that if animal waste is exposed to open air for a long Read More

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