Environmentally Friendly Ways to Save Money: Go Green

Eco friendlyWith plummeting incomes, a slow-growing economy and an increasing national debt, the aspects and concerns of the environment are constantly put on the back burner. In the year 2011, it was found that the median annual salary of an American was just about $26,000, which is quite a low number since 1999. Going green has falsely been stereotyped as being expensive, even though it is quite an effective cost-cutting method.

The National Geographic magazine said that natural and organic foods can be quite expensive than the regular types. It is the same with hybrid cars; hybrid cars cost more than the regular gas-guzzlers. But when you look at it on a long-term basis, going green helps you save a lot of money. People need to focus of reducing, reusing and recycling, instead of generations more complex and expensive products.

Eating smart

Eating at home is always smarter and cheaper when compared with going out. It is quite environmentally friendly as well to eat locally grown food. You can keep a track of your carbon footprint by buying from the farmers market and cooking at home. Use reusable utensils and cutlery to reduce plastic waste accumulation.

Use wholesale reusable bags and recyclable materials

To further reduce your carbon footprint you could carry wholesale reusable bags and recyclable seed paper totes, when you go shopping, instead of increasing the consumption levels of single-use plastic bags. Save money by recycling; this is environmentally responsible and easy. It has been found that recycling aluminum helps save at least 95 percent of the energy that is used to create a new can.

Recycling and reusing helps save money in the other industries as well. For instance, you could reuse glass jars and plastic containers instead of buying expensive Tupperware boxes and other storage items. Recycling centers usually pay people a certain amount of money if they send in their waste to be recycled.

Conservation of water

You are sending all your money down the drain, when you leave the tap running. Ensure that you fix leaky faucets and conserve water around your house. It will cut down on your water bill and also is environmentally friendly. You could also collect rain water in barrels and utilize it for domestic purposes.

Other ways to save money

Go vintage with clothes; you could reuse your old clothes or use the ragged ones for other household purposes, which will cut down on the amount of solid waste you generate. Shop at vintage stores or at any goodwill store.

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