Plastic Bag Bans Across America

We follow important events, stories & news from Florida to California covering the latest on bans of plastic bags in local retail stores.

Plastic Bag Facts for Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021 is a good time to learn more about plastic bags and how they cost your business money. There are several ways for your business to make the switch, but you need to know why. The tips below better explain why banning plastic bags for your business is a smart thing to do while you still can. Check out Custom Grocery Bags to learn more about reusable bags and how you can cut back on … [Read more...]

Why are Custom Grocery Bags Multipurpose? 

When you visit us at Custom Grocery Bags, we provide you with the best full color printing, bag construction, and options that you would ever want. We also assist when you need help with a design. You want to reach customers, but our bags can easily be multi-purposed. Read along as we explain how our grocery bags can change your business.  At Custom Grocery Bags, we can help you choose the … [Read more...]

Bag Ban Fee Effective in Collins from April 2015

Effective April 2015, as part of a large scale eco-friendly drive, the city of Fort Collins is set to ban the usage of disposable shopping plastic and paper bags. A fee of around 5 to 10 cents will be enacted on the disposable bag given out by retailers at the billing counter. Customers are further encouraged to use their own eco-friendly shopping bags for their purchases. In a bid towards … [Read more...]

Oahu’s Plastic Bag Ban Will Experience a Delay

Hawaii legislators have already passed a bill that will ban all non-biodegradable plastic bags from retail locations. The ban starts in July of 2015, and will become a permanent fixture on Oahu’s environmental efforts. However, the Honolulu City Council is looking to pass another bill that looks to outlaw all plastic bags across the region, including those that are biodegradable. The reasoning … [Read more...]

Chicago Joins List of Bag Ban Cities

At the end of April, Chicago became the latest city to approve a plastic bag ban, with an overwhelming majority vote of 36 to 10. They are joining many cities across the nation that have bag bans in place, including cities in Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Rhode Island, Washington, Hawaii and the … [Read more...]

Why Ban Plastic Bags?

You have probably heard of the negative environmental consequences that stem from plastic bag use and littering. These consequences have led to many communities banning single-use plastic bags. Communities that have banned plastic bags are now realizing that recycling programs have not helped rid the landscape and waterways of these bags. However, plastic bag bans have a number of other benefits … [Read more...]

The Drawback of the Plastic Bag

Annually, up to 1 trillion plastic bags are produced across the globe, with about 1 million of them being used each minute. When you consider that a single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to completely degrade, you may begin to understand that the issue of plastic bags needs to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. Disposable plastic bags are a waste of resources and a hazard to the … [Read more...]

Hawaii Joins the Plastic Bag Cleanup Effort

Each of the four populated counties in Hawaii have passed legislation to remove plastic bags from checkout counters at grocery stores, restaurants and other retailers. This ban, which goes into effect officially on January 17 on the Big Island, makes Hawaii the first entire state to put a ban on plastic bags. The ban is already being enforced on the islands of Kauai and Maui and the plastic bag … [Read more...]

How Many Cities have Plastic Bag Bans?

A number of cities across the United States have implemented plastic bag bans in an effort to reduce pollution and increase recycling efforts. In cities that have not imposed an outright ban on single-use plastic bags, they have instead implemented special taxes on disposable plastic bags. In California alone, almost 90 cities and counties have enacted plastic bag bans. The latest city to join … [Read more...]

California Continues to Debate Plastic Bag Ban

For years, California legislators have brought forth proposals to entirely ban single-use plastic bags from the state. There has been some success through the years as many cities and counties have put disposable plastic bag bans on the books, but there are many more cities to go. Currently about 69 cities in California have enacted bans on single-use plastic bags. Most of the ordinances that … [Read more...]

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