Family Camping with your Custom Shopping Bags

You likely have custom shopping bags lying around the house that you might not use all that often. Whether you cannot get out of the house or you prefer to camp in the backyard/on the deck, you can use your eco bags to make this short camping trip much simpler. Learn how Custom Grocery Bags gives you everything you need for at-home camping and family fun. How do Custom Shopping Bags Make … [Read more...]

Let Green Grocery Bags Change Your Shopping Habits

The age of minimalism we have come into requires us to think about how we shop. Yes, shopping might go back to normal, but you can make some changes when you are using green grocery bags at the store. Consider what you can do about your shopping habits when you have a few reusable grocery bags at your disposal. How can Custom Grocery Bags help you minimize your shopping and save money? How do … [Read more...]

Labor Day And Clean Energy!

The first Monday in September marks Labor Day, an annual celebration dedicated to the social and economic impact workers have had in the United States. This year, there are more workers to celebrate as the market for clean energy jobs has dramatically increased. In just the second quarter of 2014 the sustainable energy sector created 12,500 new jobs, more than doubling the number added in the … [Read more...]

Economic Impact of Disposable Bags

In the study of economics, negative externalities are representative of the fact that cost of a good to society is greater than the cost the consumer is paying for it. A primary example of a negative externality prevalent in society is smoking. Cigarettes cost a minimal amount to produce, and were originally extremely affordable. However, over time the government became aware of the significant … [Read more...]

Just Say No!

It all starts with you! All it takes is one person to stand up for what they believe in and others will take notice. As many towns and cities are placing bans and taxes on plastic bags, consumers are now having more power. In the past there has been the option of paper or plastic, now you have the option to say no! By bringing an eco friendly bag from home, you can eliminate the need to pay the … [Read more...]

Can Social Media Really be Helping the Environment?

Now a days, everything is done through social media. Whether its catching up with friends, or staying current on your favorite celebrity gossip, everyone uses social media. With the concept of having trending topics, any media site can allow its users to view the most popular talked about issues. With adding hashtags, social media users can actually search for issues going on in the world. For … [Read more...]

Green Tips for College Students

As you continue your education in college, you should also continue educating yourself on the environment. For many, college is a chance to finally live on your own and experience new things. With this great new freedom comes a lot of new responsibilities.  This is a great opportunity for not only you to experience a new lifestyle, but also make the switch and go green. Here are some tips that … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Back to School Tips

As summer is winding down, the thought of school is getting closer. For kids, its the end of staying up late and sleeping in. Whether it's hanging out with friends by the pool, or going to camp with all your friends, summer is when memories are made. Unfortunately the leisurely ways of summer are quickly ending. For parents, back to school is a hectic time when they have to buy supplies, clothes, … [Read more...]

Global Warming

I'm sure everyone has heard of global warming, but how many people really understand the seriousness of this issue? Global warming is caused by the large number of green house gases (carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane) being emitted into the atmosphere through the burning of fuel. Normally the rain forest and other large areas of trees would help break down these gases, but since a lot of … [Read more...]

Make the switch, Go Green!

Like anything else in life, change can be scary. The fear of the unknown is what prevents most people from straying from their normal routine. Going green might seem like a daunting task that is extremely time consuming. However, that is not the case! Little things such as making sure the light switches are off when you leave the room, or using cloth napkins instead of paper ones can go a long … [Read more...]

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