Top Eco-Friendly Grocery Stores

The top eco-friendly grocery stores are making moves to change the industry. However, these are moves that you can use to inspire your business or future. As you read more about these options, remember that there is always something your business can do. You can even take these ideas home to get the best possible results. Check out Custom Grocery Bags when you need recycled bags, totes, … [Read more...]

Keeping Eco Warriors in the Fight

When we try to do our best for the environment, we must keep as many eco warriors in the fight as we can. This has become an issue in New York among park rangers and those that protect the state’s precious resources. And, we can assume it’s happening elsewhere. You can read more about the fight to protect the Adirondacks and beyond. Check out Custom Grocery Bags when you want access to the best … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Housing Options Emerge

Eco-friendly housing is a major topic of conversation the world over. There are housing projects that are nothing more than buildings—houses that take up too much space and don’t give back to the environment. However, there are projects that aim to be as close to carbon-neutral as they can be while also helping residents feel like they’re doing the right thing. You can learn more about it … [Read more...]

Electronics Packed With Recycled Materials

Electronics are some of the most complex things we build. Unfortunately, there are many wasteful practices in the industry. You can learn more about Samsung’s promise to go to recycled packaging by 2025 here. Plus, you can look at how your business can make changes that will impact the community. While you cannot make all these changes at once, you can adjust how you see your business and how you … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Travel Popular Among 60% of Americans

When you’re traveling, there are a lot of things on your mind. 71% of those in a new survey said that safety was at the top of their list, as it should be. However, 3-in-5 of those responding said that eco-friendly travel was also a big deal to them. This is a major change in an industry where most people thought there was not much they could change. After all, shipbuilders and aircraft … [Read more...]

Tree Planting for the Future

Tree planting is something that makes the future brighter. It’s all a part of joining the eco army and helping where you can. If you didn’t know you could join a project like this, read here to learn more. You can bring these ideas to your community, your home, or your business. Check out Custom Grocery Bags to find more recycled bags, reusable totes, accessories, and much more. Why Does Tree … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper: Make Your Own

Eco-friendly wrapping paper is just one part of a greener Christmas. You might not have considered how you can go green for the holidays because there is so much else to deal with. However, making your own or fashioning some wrapping paper can be a lot of fun when you do it right. You can learn more about it here. You can also check out Custom Grocery Bags when you need reusable bags, totes, … [Read more...]

Ice Cubes: Can They Be Eco-Friendly?

Ice cubes are just frozen water, right? Wrong. There’s a change coming in cold storage that could turn the idea of cooling on its head. You can learn more about jelly cubes here. Plus, you can look into how your business can make changes that ensure it’s eco-friendly. Every company is different, but there’s always something you can try. Check out Custom Grocery Bags to look into reusable bags, … [Read more...]

Scientists Create Eco-Friendly Plastic

Scientists have created eco-friendly plastic using, of all things, salmon sperm. You can learn more about this development here. With this technological marvel, there are also things to consider in the interim. Eco-conscious plastic might not take over the world markets anytime soon. So what are you to do? Check out Custom Grocery Bags for reusable totes, bags, accessories, and more. What is … [Read more...]

Making Hollywood Productions Greener

If you ask, Hollywood has a sustainability problem. Hollywood productions are extremely expensive, but they are not all that green. As a result, the industry has lived under the radar because the audience sees the films, loves the TV shows, an invests emotionally. However, it can be hard to imagine that these productions are massive polluters. You can learn more about film and TV climate … [Read more...]

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