Reclaimed Pet Bags and Dispensers for Disposing Pet Waste

The Valparaiso city municipality has made an offer of free pet waste bag dispensers which can be collected from utilities office at Billings Street or from the city hall located in Lincoln-Way. These dispensers with biodegradable bags can be easily attached to a pet’s leash to be used when required and nearly 800 dispensers have been distributed till date.   This program has been initiated to … [Read more...]

Winter Energy Saving Tips

While it might seem far, winter is fast approaching, and with it, the annual souring energy costs that can break the bank. Making some easy, inexpensive changes this winter can translate into big savings on winter bills. Below we’ve compiled five effective energy saving tips. Drafts created by openings can be responsible for wasting up to thirty percent of the total energy consumed in the … [Read more...]

Messenger Bags

When I was younger, I had the type of parents who were always pushing me into work. While my friends were allowed to sleep in until they had to get up for school, I was always up before dawn riding around the neighborhood on my rusted hand me down bike with a bag full of newspapers. The newspapers were packed so tightly that they constantly threatened to break the already straining hem and spill … [Read more...]

Labor Day And Clean Energy!

The first Monday in September marks Labor Day, an annual celebration dedicated to the social and economic impact workers have had in the United States. This year, there are more workers to celebrate as the market for clean energy jobs has dramatically increased. In just the second quarter of 2014 the sustainable energy sector created 12,500 new jobs, more than doubling the number added in the … [Read more...]

Economic Impact of Disposable Bags

In the study of economics, negative externalities are representative of the fact that cost of a good to society is greater than the cost the consumer is paying for it. A primary example of a negative externality prevalent in society is smoking. Cigarettes cost a minimal amount to produce, and were originally extremely affordable. However, over time the government became aware of the significant … [Read more...]

Farmers Markets

Across the country, many breathe a sigh of relief as the oppressive, muggy heat of the summer begins to subside and give way to more temperate fall weather. Nature hikes and other outdoor activities become significantly more enjoyable, which can be an especially good idea to help work off the extra cookout weight that’s so easy to put on over the course of the summer months. Many nutrition experts … [Read more...]

Just Say No!

It all starts with you! All it takes is one person to stand up for what they believe in and others will take notice. As many towns and cities are placing bans and taxes on plastic bags, consumers are now having more power. In the past there has been the option of paper or plastic, now you have the option to say no! By bringing an eco friendly bag from home, you can eliminate the need to pay the … [Read more...]

Recycling Program Hauled Out of Amory to Encourage Recycled Totes

Amory, a city in North Mississippi had started a recycling program with great enthusiasm. However, due to the careless nature of some of the residents who did not follow the guidelines as set by the company, the program had to be withdrawn since it was no longer cost effective.  … [Read more...]

Use Recycled Pet Totes to Clean Pet Waste

Animals like dogs and cats are found abundantly in cities. With a large number of pets walking the streets, huge quantities of pet waste is inevitable. When we speak of pet waste being a nuisance, we aren’t just referring to the litter. More important than that is the fact that pet waste can lead to health hazards. … [Read more...]

Residents of Seguin Get Containers of 65 Gallons to Hold Recycled Items and To Recycle Bags with Logo

The City Council of Seguin approved the first reading of the recycling program which will begin in October. The decision was made with the votes of the members. The residents will also get containers of 65 gallons which they can use to dump recyclable items. These containers will be collected under the residential trash collection by the city contractors on a weekly basis. … [Read more...]

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