20 Uses for Plastic Bags

Although we believe recycled reusable bags are the best alternative for plastic bags and we encourage the use of reusable grocery bags, it is likely that there will still be plastic bags used by many consumers. Rather than tossing them in the garbage after one use, there are an endless number of ways you can reuse your plastic bags.

They can be used to carry items, keep items separated or just for organizing. Disposable bags are good for any mess you want to contain without having to worry about cross contamination or spillage. They are perfect for jobs you wouldn’t want to use a recycled reusable bag for.

The fact that they are easily stored in your house or to stash in your purse or car make them a handy “go to” bag as needed.

1. As a beach bag for your towel, sunscreen and other belongings

2. To take to the farmers market

3. To carry books to and from the library

4. Storing and carrying items for donation

5. At the amusement park to carry souvenirs and belongings

6. To hold fishing supplies on your fishing trip

7. Organizing and storing items in your garage such as cords, small tools

8. As packing material

9. To hold leaking items

10. Use as a shower cap in the shower

11. Over your head as emergency rain gear

12. To carry wet clothing

13. A protective cover for meat when you go to the store

14. As a trash can for your car

15. As a diaper bag

16. As lawn clean up bags

17. As a cat toy. Cats love crawling inside bags and playing with them

18. As a container for dirty clothes when traveling

19. Litter box liners

20. To take while walking your dog to clean up after your pet.

What do you use your plastic bags for? Rather than toss them right away, find creative ways to reuse your plastic bags, and invest in recycled reusable bags in the future.


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