2,500 Bags Full Of Groceries Being Given Away By Weis Markets

grocery bagsOne of Weis Markets’ team is giving away over 2,000 reusable bags. The bags will be full of groceries that are a part of the free giveaway. All the items in the bag will belong to private brands and amount to $59,000 in total.

So what does the giveaway include?

The giveaway is great news for customers as the bags contain some extremely useful household items including Weis Quality or WQ Water Enhancers, Toasted Oats, Salsa, Cannellini Beans, Long Grain Brown Rice, Elbow Macaroni, Apple Juice, Parmesan Cheese, Squeeze Ketchup, Sheet Bath tissue, Honey Graham Crackers and 5 Star Restaurant Quality Tortilla Chips.

More on the giveaway of promotional reusable bags

The give away by Weis Markets is to support the eco-friendly drive and ban on plastic bags. The 2,500 filled promotional reusable bags will be delivered by hand to neighborhoods around Weis Markets’ stores in Chambersburg.

The store was recently remodeled. Apart from the fee products in the bags, an $8 and $50 off coupon will also been included in the bags. These coupons form a part of the Grand Reopening celebration for the recently remodeled store.

The Director of Public Relations from Weis Market, Dennis Curtin stated that the company feels like celebrating after the remodeling project, which took 7 months to complete. The give away are a way to thank customers for being patient during this time as well. Curtin added that the bag contains 12 of Weis Markets’ best products. The reusable bags will be given to residents within a radius of two and a half miles of the revamped store.

About Weis Markets Inc.

Weis Market is a supermarket chain based inPennsylvania. The chain has branches inNew York,West Virginia,New Jersey and Maryland. As of 2012, the chain operates about 162 stores that are spread across 5 states.

The supermarket was found in 1912 and was known as Weis Pure Foods. It was established by brother Sigmund and Harry Weis. The store did not work on credit but only on cash. This system helped lower prices and was revolutionary in its own way because most stores at that time worked on credit. The second store opened in Pennsylvania three years later and the brand has grown massively since.

The company now has its own brand of products that sell numerous products. Its private products are of good quality and are quite popular among customers.

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