4 Simple Pool Picnic Dishes

When you go to the pool, bringing food is one of the best things to both extend the trip and make it more fun for everyone involved. Bringing food to the pool allows you to share, but you also know that you can plan your whole day around this meal.

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Sandwiches at the Pool

Sandwiches and the pool go together easily. You can make a lot of sandwiches very quickly, and you can transport them with no trouble. This is the first big step in planning your picnic. Make sure that you know you have enough for everyone and a few extras.

Poolside Fruit Salad

Fruit is easy to travel, and you can cut it right there if you like. There’s nothing better than bringing a whole bag or oranges, grapefruit, or apples. In some cases, you can make the fruit salad right there, throw everything in a bowl, and lay out a couple towels so everyone can wipe their hands before getting back in the pool.

Flavored Water

You don’t need to bring soda when you can slice some fruit and infuse water with flavor. This is healthier than soda, and it is often easier. You can fill up with water at the pool and add ice and water. Plus, you can easily bring a bag of ice in a recycled bag. Problem solved.

Mini Grill by the Pool

If you’re allowed, you can bring a mini grill and do a small barbecue. Easy to handle, and you don’t need to worry about managing a lot of different things involved in a massive party at your house. Plus, you throw away the mini grill when you are done cooking.

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