4 Spring Produce Items You Must Try

Spring has sprung! You can sense it in the air, but it can be really difficult for you to enjoy the spring until you get to eat like it’s spring. The four produce items below will remind you that the air is crisp, the breeze is blowing, and the sun is shining. Whether you run a farmer’s market or want to create beautiful spring-themed produce baskets, there is a solution for you.

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Peaches – The King of Produce

Yes, you can get other fruits in the spring, but peaches are king. You can grill peaches, add them to a fruit salad, eat them right off the tree, and even turn them in a cobbler. When peaches are in season, you know the weather is going to be perfect outside.

Pink Lady Apples

Apples are the queens of produce — thriving all year long. However, the spring season brings pink ladies which are crisp, sweet, and have this hint of — well, every flavor you can imagine. They don’t belong in a cobbler. Use your Granny Smiths for that. Eat a pink lady every day, and you will be stunned that apples can taste THAT good.


Soft, fluffy, plush — raspberries are perfect for the spring. Make a little homemade whipped cream with vanilla and cardamom — our favorite — and dip every raspberry right in. You can even turn them into a parfait with some yogurt laced with fresh honey.


Cherries are a mystery to some and a delight to others. You might think cherries only belong on your milkshakes and sundaes — but not so fast. You can grab some cherries, make a tall glass of lemonade, and enjoy a bowl of them on the patio on a lazy Saturday afternoon. For a revelation of tart 9and almost shocking) flavor, you can’t miss with a cherry.

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