5 Beach Party Tips for Your Crew, Friends, and Family

When you’re planning a beach party, you need to take some steps to plan ahead, to give everyone a good time, and clean up without too much of a fuss. Using these tips makes it easy to plan and pull off these parties. Plus, there are a few items and accessories you can use to make the party easier to manage.

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Beach Party Food Options

Instead of lugging a massive cooler to the beach, use cooler bags from Custom Grocery Bags. Your beach party is much easier to manage because friends and family can reach into the bags for drinks and ice. Plus, you can easily dump out bags of ice, wipe them down, and pack them with something else.

Pack leftovers in another bag, and throw your plates, utensils, paper towels, etc. in another bag.

Beach Party Favors

Beach party favors go in their own bag. Leave them out so everyone can grab one. Bring everything else home in the same bag.

Lights and Candles

If you haven’t planned a bonfire, your beach party should have lights and candles. Make sure all those go in one bag so that you can unpack them and repack them in just a few minutes. Otherwise, you’ll be out all night cleaning up.

The Trash Bag

Depending on the size of the party, you will likely have some trash cans in the area. Even so, you might want to use a bag for trash so that you can throw out all the early trash. You can dump it later, but it prevents you from making several trips to and from the cans.

Beach Towels

Make sure you bring a bag or two with just beach towels. Your beach day isn’t complete unless you can — you know — dry off.

As always, order with Custom Grocery Bags any time so you can pull off the best party at the beach and entertain all your friends throughout the night.

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