A Bank Aiming for a LEED Certification

LEED CertificationSouth Florida has become home to several green buildings in the past few years, and the PNC Bank branches that are located at the South Andrews Avenue and at the Davie Boulevard are among such buildings. These buildings joined the list of green buildings in South Florida in the past few days. Each of the two buildings is made using several eco friendly promotional items, and has managed to obtain a net-zero energy status as well. At present, the bank authorities are trying to get the buildings a certification from LEED.

The importance of a LEED certification

The LEED certification is designed to recognize the buildings that are eco-friendly in nature. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and was initiated in the year 1998. This organization was developed by the Green Building Council in the U.S. When this organization was set up, the founder stated that LEED would guide builders and home-owners with practical eco-friendly designs, and would also appreciate eco-friendly structures. Since its origin, LEED has recognized close to 7,000 eco-friendly projects within the U.S.

At present, a LEED certification is a matter of pride as it displays the efforts a company or an individual has taken to reduce their environmental footprint. Furthermore, since the LEED certification is divided into silver, gold, and platinum level ratings, getting this certification has become competitive as well.

The eco friendly promotional items used in PNC Bank building

The authorities of PNC Bank are aiming to get a platinum level certification from LEED, as they feel their bank building is highly energy-efficient. The authorities state that their building is a zero energy zone, which means that the bank building is able to generate more electricity than it uses for all its activities. Furthermore, the building has approximately 211 solar panels in its premises. The panels cover the roof of the building, which is close to 4,900 square feet. The building also has a drive-through and a walkway as well.

In addition to this, the building has LED lights that are energy-efficient, a custom-designed paving that helps in reducing the rainwater wastage, and ENERGY STAR appliances. In order to make this building, the bank authorities collected recyclable resources such as wall materials and building structures as well. Furthermore, 80 percent of the tiles that have been used in the interiors of this building are made up of recycled materials. Even the plants used in the landscaping of this building are native to the location. This is why the company is hoping that they will receive a platinum LEED certification.

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