A New Recycling System in South Bound Brook and Green Brook

Recycling System

The single-stream recycling system

The single container recycling strategy is an innovative feature of this program because waste materials like paper, glass, and cans will be disposed in the same container to be taken to the recycling plant. Earlier, the standard practice was not to mix together different waste material but to deposit glass, paper, and cans separately during the recycling process. The state-of-the-art automated vehicles will perform the task of waste collection.

While the materials placed inside the carts will be taken for recycling, those left out will not be collected. The single container recycling system will ensure maximum participation of the residents because of the convenience in disposal of the material offered by this system. The residents can easily dispose both paper and commingled materials in a wheeled cycling cart meant for collection.

Production of eco friendly promotional items through this recycling process

Plastic bottles and containers marked #1 through #7, glass bottles, and aluminum as well as other metal cans will be recycled under the new system for the production of eco friendly promotional items. The recyclable plastic containers include diaper-wipe, yogurt, and peanut butter containers, other than clear-plastic clamshell and margarine tubs from salad bars. The other eco friendly items that can be recycled include junk mail and magazines, apart from corrugated cardboard, chipboard, and newspapers. However, plastics that cannot be recycled include plastic bags, garbage cans, flower pots, plastic bags, toys, and styrofoams.

All the designated materials must be deposited curbside, which is the most convenient recycling strategy. The recycling containers are emptied into the collection vehicle. Finally, materials will be carried to a special recycling plant where they will be sorted out for recycling.

Advantages of a single-stream recycling system

There are several advantages of a single-stream recycling system. This system offers the state-of-the-art processing equipment to sort all recyclable materials. It is the easiest and the most convenient way to recycle because materials need not be separated. It increases recycling rate because of mass participation, and automated collection using 96-gallon wheeled barrels.

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