A Pharmacy in Ottawa to Sell Organic Products

Organic Products

Westboro Pharmacy – a unique pharmacy in Ottawa

Mark Barnes and business partner, Frank Sicotte, bought Westboro Pharmacy in 2007. Though the pharmacy has been in existence for almost a hundred years, its new owners soon realized that for survival in a competitive environment, they had to think differently. Barnes feels that people are on the lookout for shops that are unique, offering better service and conducting their business well. Barnes and Sicotte are of the opinion that Westboro is a region where people care about their health and environment. This thought has actually led them to serve their community in the way it is possible for them.

Westboro Pharmacy believes in offering local produce to its customers, and it stocks only locally made products. If the product isn’t made locally, they source products from other provinces in their country.

Benefits of using eco friendly promotional items

Barnes says that the organic products and healthy food in his pharmacy have an appeal for everybody, including older people facing health issues or young mothers with babies. He claims to have lost about 25 pounds by eating organic food and exercising in the last few years.

Recently a lot of support has been coming in for usage of organic food and eco friendly promotional items. A study by the Stanford University published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that eating organic food reduces your level of pesticide intake and contact with antibiotic resistant bacteria. Conventional food items are grown using pesticides which are absorbed by the food, as well as the surrounding water, air, and soil. Consuming food items grown with pesticides has been linked to several health problems like developmental delays in young children, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, etc. In contrast, organic vegetables and fruits contain roughly 12% more health-promoting compounds than conventionally grown food products. One of these compound groups is secondary metabolites, which protects against cancer, obesity, and heart disease.

Most popular organic food items in the US

Consumers in the US are increasingly opting for organic food items. While fruits and vegetables continue to remain the top-selling organic products, consumers have started to buy a wider range of organic items. Dairy, beverage, packaged and prepared foods, condiments and sauces, bread, and grains are now gaining popularity. The demand for organic meat, fish, and poultry is also increasing as people are becoming more health conscious day by day.


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