Aki Goto releases her “Green” Collection!

Green clothes New York based designer, Aki Goto, recently joined the league of designers who handcraft clothes from recyclable materials. She has designed a jacket out of leftovers from people’s packed lunches and is even planning on making a collection from donated fabrics in the near future. Her jacket has received good responses from the customers, suggesting that people are opening up to the concept of green and fashionable clothes.

Aki’s new masterpiece – ‘Paper Bag Jacket’

The jacket designed by Aki Goto is available in size 8 and is unisex. It is made out of brown colored paper bags that are usually used for packaging and has been glazed with varnish as well. The designer has named her jacket, ‘The Paper Bag Jacket’, as she compiled it using a classic jacket as a base and a series of paper bags. To give the jacket a fashionable feel and  add her individualistic style to it, Aki Goto has used bits of glimmering silver tape on it as well.

If you think that this piece of work is just an ordinary way of promoting an ecofriendly lifestyle, then its price tag would change your opinion. The fact that the jacket is made out of paper bags doesn’t affect its price tag in any way. As a matter of fact, the jacket is priced at a whooping $480, and there are many potential customers fighting for it as well.

Fashion designers paving the way for eco-friendly clothes and eco friendly promotional items

The trend of designing ecofriendly clothes has been picking up steadily. Jil Sanders’ extremely popular paper clutch, that was priced at $290, proved how consumers were ready to indulge in eco friendly promotional items as well. Many celebrities, who are firm believers of green lifestyles, are more than willing to promote such products. This trend has increased the craze for such products among the common people as well.

Nancy J, an artist and an environmental educator, is among the few who helped elevate recycled fashion with her unique collection, ‘Eco Trash Couture Collection.’ She designed and stitched many intriguing dresses made out of recycled materials. One of her dresses, named Youth EcoDress, was compiled using used bedsheets from a hotel in Mexico and bits of recycled paper. These pieces of recycled paper had messages from children who had pledged to save the environment.

Whether or not this trend is feasible for the common man is a question that has been in debate since its initiation. However, the fact that this fashion trend is going to remain popular, especially in the upper classes, can’t be negated.

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