Arlington Company Goes Eco-Friendly

eco friendlyA company in Arlington, Washington is transforming the way traditional plastic beverage cups are manufactured. The company called Micro Green Polymers has come up with innovate plastic cups that will premier this month in market in San Francisco Bay.

About the cups

These cups are superior to the usual red plastic party cups as they are made from water bottles that are recycled. The cups are made using processes that are less costly and the resulting products are cups that keep beverages cold for longer periods of times.

The new cups do not crack easily and can be thrown away as recycle waste as opposed to waste than is not recyclable. Sales of the cups are so far going very well and they can be bought through

Sheets of plastic that is recycled are saturated with carbon dioxide that is food-grade. The sheets are then heated, which produces thousands of microscopic bubbles. These bubbles change the entire structure of the plastic. A 1 liter bottle gives out enough plastic that can be transformed into seven cups.

MicroGreen is able to produce around 1,500 cups per minute that can then be printed on a nine-color press. Around 320 cups can be printed every minute. The cups that are meant for San Fransisco will feature a picture of theGolden GateBridge.

These cups are the ideal eco-friendly promotional items

The company that produces these cups is MicroGreen and currently employs over 50 people. The inspiration behind the cup known as InCycle cup is the concept of reducing the amount of plastic is garbage dumps.

Tom Malone, the CEO and president of MicroGreen stated that idea behind these cups is that they never need to end up in a landfill; plastic can be stored easily and has a lot of energy to offer, which can be used time and again.

Malone added that InCycle cups offer users an opportunity to do the right thing, and these cups are the same price as they non-recyclable plastic cups.

Apart from the cups, MicroGreen is also manufacturing containers for microwavable and frozen foods. The company is diversifying and making lightweight plastic for printer materials and signs among other things.

In terms of the future, MicroGreen is trying to come up with a cup for hot beverages like coffee. According to Malone, this innovation could probably change the way coffee is served.


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