August 15th – Back to School Prep Day

Back to school is an important part of the summer. Preparing for the school year, however, should not happen at the last minute. As a business owner or manager, you need to plan now before you get bogged down by the summer sales and promotions that take up most of the season.

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Why Back to School?

Literally everyone participates in back to school promotions. Parents need to find school supplies, and schools need bags, supplies, and much more. anyone with a job needs to find office supplies that will be helpful for them, and business owners are scheduling sales of their own.

As you start planning for this “holiday”, you are going to capture the attention of everyone in the community. Plus, you can run promotions that will hit all the local schools and colleges because they all go back at different times.

Make a Sale of It

When you make a sale of it, you can turn the promotion into something that benefits parents. You can also hand out prizes to everyone with kids. It might be wise to offer a gift with purchase when customers spend over a certain amount. You might even give away backpacks or bags with all these purchases.

You can even work with local schools to build special packages that each grade is expected to have. The parents come in to buy the “2nd grade package” and you know precisely what to give them.

Order Today

Order today at Custom Grocery Bags, and you will truly enjoy making the most of back to school and give kids what they need. At Custom Grocery Bags, we are committed to making school a fun experience for every kid.

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