Bag Ban Fee Effective in Collins from April 2015

12464917_sEffective April 2015, as part of a large scale eco-friendly drive, the city of Fort Collins is set to ban the usage of disposable shopping plastic and paper bags. A fee of around 5 to 10 cents will be enacted on the disposable bag given out by retailers at the billing counter. Customers are further encouraged to use their own eco-friendly shopping bags for their purchases. In a bid towards conserving the environment, Fort Collins has introduced the ban of non-biodegradable bags. Around the mid of August 2014, the Fort Collins City Council gave its approval towards the disposable bag ordinance. As per the ordinance effective April 1, 2015, retailers in the city are expected to charge customers at the billing counter, if they choose to take the disposable bag that grocers and retailers provide for carrying purposes. A minimum fee of 5 cents to a maximum of 10 cents is applicable on both plastic and paper single use bags. Under this program, retailers must ensure that the customers are aware of this new ordinance and that they fully understand that a charge is applicable to each of the disposable bags they agree to purchase. The retailer must receive the customer’s consent before applying the bag fee to their bill. All the proceedings that come from the bag fee can be kept by the respective retailer or grocer. The bag ban is part of the public awareness campaign steered by the Collins community. It is in the best interest of the society to enable waste reduction, and encourage reuse and recycling of the products they buy. This ban has been proposed in an ardent effort to educate shoppers and retailers the positive impact they can contribute towards the environment by promoting the usage of durable, reusable bags. This enactment hopes to effectively contribute towards the community’s goal of zero wastage. How effective this ordinance will be, only time will tell. As part of this new ordinance that will be put in practice in a few months’ time, instead of paying a fee for the disposable bags provided by the retailer, shoppers are urged to carry their own wholesale reusable bags. It will help reduce wastage and encourage the use of reusable products such as these shopping bags.

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