Bainbridge Island Launches Shopping and Grocery Bag Competition

Reusable bagsWith the entire country turning eco-friendly,BainbridgeIslandis moving it up a notch higher by organizing a reusable bag contest. The latest bag sensation in the city isn’t from Louis Vuttion, Gucci or Prada, but it will from the one of the city’s residents. One of the lucky and artsy islanders is going to be the official designer for reusable shopping bags in the city.

Bainbridge Island is planning to hold a bag designing contest in order to promote the usage of wholesale reusable bags for shopping purposes. The one Bainbridge Island resident, whose design is voted as the best, will be the official designer for the bags. Also, the design will be displayed on only a limited amount of bags. About 500 reusable bags will have this design and will be given away for free to lucky islanders.

‘The Bainbridge Bag’ will be hung in the council chambers

Once the competition is done, all the designs will be hung in the chambers of the Council rooms so that the public can walk in and vote for their favorite design. The competition will be called as ‘The Bainbridge Bag’ and residents will have the opportunity of voting for the best design from October 1st to 12th. Anybody from the city can participate in the competition and submissions will be accepted till 4 pm on September 28th.

The bag design that gets the most number of votes will win the contest and will also be honored with a reusable shopping bag, which is what Bainbridge Island is trying to encourage amongst the citizens. Any design can be submitted by the islanders for the Bainbridge Bag competition. Submissions for the contest have certain criteria such as the design mustn’t be larger than right inches tall by five inches wide. However, the design can be in any color.

Contest aims at trying to motivate residents to use wholesale reusable bags

The Bainbridge Bag contests aims at raising the levels of awareness amongst people regarding the lethal effects of using plastic bags. Bainbridge Island’s Council has already passed the bag ban ordinance in April and this contest is in support of the same cause.

From November 1st, plastic bags that are offered at stores and checkout stands, which are 2.5 millimeters thick or lesser, will also be prohibited. Instead, the city hopes to encourage the use of reusable totes for shopping.


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