Bainbridge Island’s Reusable Tote Design Contest Results Announced

Tote BagsThe wholesale reusable bags design contest, which was being held by the Bainbridge Island city members, has finally ended after it was conducted for over a month. A lot of submissions for the contests were seen, and quite a few number of votes came in for the designs. City staff patiently counted the numerous votes that the 44 designs got, and finally declared the winner this week.

Winning bag design has Bainbridge Island elements

Of all the 44 bag designs that hung on the city council chamber walls, over the past month, one bag designed by Diane Walker won the competition. Walker seemed to be ecstatic when the city staff told her that she had won the bag designing competition. The winning bag design had the elements common to Bainbridge Island, such as strawberries, salmon, a heron and tall trees.

Winning designs of the wholesale reusable bags contest had over 20 votes each

With over 44 bag designs, the votes were all divided in an almost equal fashion, with the first three best designs getting over twenty votes each. The reusable tote design contest was one way by which the Bainbridge Island city staff was encouraging people to become more eco-friendly and was raising awareness regarding the upcoming bag ban on plastics in the city.

The ban on plastic bags in Bainbridge Island will go into effect on the 1st of November, after which the single-use bags will no longer be provided at the checkout counters in stores across the city. Plastic bags, however, can still be used to pack food in restaurants and separate meat from produce at grocery stores.

Bainbridge Island to provide over 500 reusable totes with winning design

According to the rules of the competition, the best bag design will be featured on over five hundred reusable totes that will be offered in the City of Bainbridge Island. The winner, Diana Walker’s design will be featured on these 500 reusable bags produced and will be provided to the residents for free.

The bags will be provided to over 500 people starting 31st October at the main library of Bainbridge Island. Reusable totes will also be offered at the city hall and at the trick-or-treat event organized by the Downtown Association of Bainbridge Island in Winslow. If anybody is in need of additional copies of this bag featuring the winning design, then they can purchase them through Winslow’s Paper Products.


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