Ban of Plastic Bags Takes Effect in San Luis Obispo County

Plastic bag banThe much debated imposition of a plastic bag ban in San Luis Obispo County came into effect on October 1st, 2012. Hundreds of stores all over the county stopped providing customers with single-use plastics for shopping purposes. Most of the shoppers had come prepared with wholesale reusable bags on the very first day after the bag ban was enforced. County officials of San Luis Obispo are hoping that the usage of these reusable totes will become the next popular alternative to plastic bags.

Customers prefer reusable totes to paper bags

Even though the banning of plastic bags is quite a new aspect to the county, the residents are doing their best to turn environmental friendly. Most of the shoppers said that they preferred wholesale reusable bags for shopping and packing purposes, instead of paper and plastic bags. Even the usage of paper bags has been reduced by most shoppers in the County of San Luis Obispo as paper is known to leave a larger carbon footprint than plastic.

According to the ordinance adopted by the Integrated Waste Management Authority board of San Luis Obispo County, even though plastic bags are banned in every store, the provision of paper bags is allowed. Paper bags, however, will cost the customer ten cents for each bag. The ordinance includes establishments such as supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and retail stores. It is not applicable to nonretail business, restaurants and industrial operations.

Retail stores replacing plastic bags with wholesale reusable bags

All over the county, retailers are pulling down the plastic totes from the check-out counters and instead replacing them with paper bags and reusable totes. Most stores have even posted signs in order to alert the shoppers regarding the switch. Some of the stores are still trying to figure out what needs to be done with the remaining plastic bags that they have.

Distributing the leftover plastic covers and bags to food distribution programs is one of the best ways to get rid of them. With the San Luis Obispo County residents going green, some shoppers even refused reusable totes and took the shopping cart till their car to put directly into the vehicle. The San Luis Obispo County’s waste management board is really happy about the way residents have taken to the change, and said that they would all get accustomed to the switch in no time.


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