Ban on Plastic Bags from August 1st in Bellingham

bagThe thin plastic bags that are used commonly for carrying groceries will soon be banned in Bellingham, Washington. The ban will kick in from the 1st of August and will give customers the option of using only reusable bags.

The new ordinance

The rule does not outlaw all items made from plastic. According to the rule, bags that are used to pack certain potted plants, food items and prescription drugs from pharmacies are all exceptions to the ban. The mayor ofBellinghamis also likely to exempt specific establishments for a maximum of a year if they exhibit undue hardship that the ban causes.

The rule will impose a fine on businesses who continue giving plastic bags to their consumers. The fine will be $250 on those who are found violating the law.

Public opinions and the rise of promotional reusable bags

An employee from Avalon Music, Neill MacLaughlin is extremely happy about the ban and stated that the greater the push towards using only recyclable materials, the better it is for the environment and society. MacLaughlin added that his company plans on using up its remaining plastic bags before the rule kicks in, so that they can completely comply by it after.

Glenn Faber the owner of Hohl Feed and Seed stated that his company will distribute promotional reusable bags for shopping, which are made from mesh. As of now, Faber states that his company asks consumers to buy their own bags but from August will start offering paper bags to clients apart from encouraging them to carry their own reusable bags.

Grace Wang, a professor of environmental studies at Western expressed her happiness at the new ordinance. She said that she disliked seeing plastic bags lose all aroundBellingham, which is a common site while walking around the area. Wang is glad that there will be less bag flying around once the ban takes effect in August.

She added that people are resisting the ban because they will now have to shell out 5 cents per paper bag and are considering it a form of tax. According to the rule, this money will go to the establishment that the bags were purchased from and not to the city. An employee at The Mad Hatter clothing store, Logan Hamison also said that he feels it is worse to use paper than plastic, but because of the ban, their company will go with using only reusable bags.


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