Be Present takes their Eco-friendly Initiative a Step Further

Eco friendly clothes Be Present, a Denver based company that manufactures ecofriendly clothing for yoga, has collaborated with UPS to ship their clothing in carbon neutral packaging. This company has always been focused on promoting ecofriendly lifestyles, and with this collaboration, it has taken its efforts to the next level. The company is famous for its organic yoga apparel, especially in the Denver region, and is now aiming at reducing its environmental footprint completely.

Sending out shipments in an eco-friendly manner

There are many ways through with an organization can try and make efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, such as water conversation, ecofriendly construction, or using ecofriendly shipment material for packaged goods. Despite the fact that shipping material has a significant impact on the environment, most companies don’t take initiatives to try and reduce their packaging waste. In the context of US, since there are no strict laws imposed on this category, many producers tend to ignore this component of solid waste production.

To try and propagate the importance of reducing packaging waste and take the company to new levels of environmental consciousness, Be Present has initiated this program with the help of UPS. This program costs a certain amount of fee, but helps shipping products with complete carbon neutral packaging.

The products that are packaged using carbon neutral materials are stamped saying “UPS Carbon Neutral Shipment” and then delivered. The company charges fee to purchase certified carbon offsets, as these offsets help reduce the environmental footprint of the packaged material. The company also uses this fee to support its other projects related to waste water treatment, reforestation, and methane destruction.

Be Present’s eco friendly promotional items

Since it’s inception in 2002 by Jon Dobrin and Amy Lopatin Dobrin, Be Present is one of the few companies that has shown consistent efforts to try and propagate the importance of environmental protection. As a clothing line, this company has a wide variety of ecofriendly clothes made out of organic fabrics. But it specializes in designing and producing apparels for yoga. The brand manufacturers its clothes in the US and is popular in the Denver region for its eco friendly promotional items.

To reduce it’s environmental footprint caused by transportation, the company ensures that it manufactures most of its products in its Denver office itself. If more companies take up such ecofriendly initiatives, the solid waste management problem within US will start declining at a rapid rate.


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