The Best Green Apps

As part of the widespread going green movement, many companies have put out smartphone apps that encourage users to live life in a much more eco-friendly manner. These apps make going green much easier for everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint. An eco-app will help you choose the most environmentally friendly products, manage your energy use, save money and reduce carbon emissions on your daily commute, and describe how to use different modes of transportation more efficiently.

One of the best eco-friendly apps available on the market is called GoodGuide. This app helps you find eco-friendly products, like reusable shopping bags,  while on-the-go. The GoodGuide’s scientific team rates products by health, environmental and social performance. Pull it out the next time you go shopping to find the most environmentally sound food, personal care and household products in your area.

Leafully is a great resource to help users become more energy efficient. This app actually connects to your utility company and monitors your energy use. It will even notify you of high usage and help you save money and the planet at the same time. Leafully also makes it possible for you to get more renewable energy, rather than relying on non-renewable resources.

Google recently purchased an app called Waze. Responsible for notifying users of real-time traffic incidents and occurrences, the app also displays areas of slow movement in an effort to reduce gridlock and with it, carbon emissions. Users share road information with each other, saving time and energy. Users also share gas prices with the app letting you know the cheapest place in your area to pull up to the pump.

GiveO2, an app that made its debut at last year’s SXSW, stands out as a carbon footprint tracker. It gives users information about their impact through their daily commute and provides helpful alternatives to lower that impact. Users earn badges and collect points as they make eco-friendly choices.

By using these apps as well as taking other easy steps to become more environmentally friendly, including using reusable shopping bags at the store, we can make the world a cleaner and more livable place. To learn more about your carbon footprint and how using just one reusable shopping bag can benefit the environment, visit Custom Grocery

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