California Continues to Debate Plastic Bag Ban

For years, California legislators have brought forth proposals to entirely ban single-use plastic bags from the state. There has been some success through the years as many cities and counties have put disposable plastic bag bans on the books, but there are many more cities to go. Currently about 69 cities in California have enacted bans on single-use plastic bags.

Most of the ordinances that have passed don’t just outlaw single-use plastic bags, but also include fees for paper bags.  Under the bans that have passed or are being considered, plastic bags used as packaging, such as those used around newspapers, would not be affected.

Opponents to the ban claim that such a law would bring an end to a number of jobs statewide and cause other financial issues. Consumers that oppose the bans mention convenience of the bags as a factor. Companies fear losing business as consumers opt to drive outside of the ban area to shop. Opponents to the ban have also stated that this is not something that should be regulated by the government.

Proponents point out the ecological benefits of banning single-use plastic bags. Reducing litter and protecting marine life are the two main motivators behind the call for banning the plastic bags. Proponents also feel that the money spent on regulation and enforcement of the bans could be better spent elsewhere.

Those looking to compromise are urging for a fee on plastic bags that still gives consumers the choice to use plastic bags, rather than an outright ban. They are also urging for more single-use plastic bag recycling and education programs.

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