Can Social Media Really be Helping the Environment?

10658868_lNow a days, everything is done through social media. Whether its catching up with friends, or staying current on your favorite celebrity gossip, everyone uses social media. With the concept of having trending topics, any media site can allow its users to view the most popular talked about issues. With adding hashtags, social media users can actually search for issues going on in the world. For example, if you are looking for any companies that are environmentally friendly, you can search #ecofriendly and a slue of pages and people will pop up. This is extremely beneficial to any organization especially ones that are trying to raise awareness for the environment. Social media sites like Facebook allow users to share any articles they read that interest them. Say you read an article on tips to go green, you can easily share the article to your wall for the public to see.

Now I know this might sound like a bold statement, but its true. Social Media can eventually be the number one way to save our planet. Activists all over are forming groups and gaining attention just by simply putting out facts online. Through blogs and tweets, millions of people can get caught up on the newest ways to go green. They have websites where you can actually send in donations to help eco friendly groups. Companies are able to advertise how they are going green and offer consumers new products that are beneficial to the environment.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are greatly aiding in the process of raising awareness of the issues going on in the environment. Do your part in spreading the word about going green.

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