Cape Cod’s Eco-Friendly Homes

Cape Cod is a vacation destination like no other. It’s a beautiful place you can read more about here. These eco-friendly homes are trying to maintain the almost untouched beauty of the beaches along the Cape while also ensuring that the people in the area can live well. From the California corner to solar power, there’s an option for everyone.

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Eco-Friendly Homes and Corners

The California Corner is a technique you will find in eco-friendly homes that helps you add more insulation. This is especially helpful in a place that loses the most heat. Moreover, it is gets very cold in the winter and blisteringly hot in the summer. If the house is losing less heat or cool air, then you can be sure that you’re cutting back on your carbon footprint.

Lights and Appliances for Eco-Friendly Homes

Lights and appliances for eco-friendly homes are essential to reducing your carbon footprint. EnergyStar appliances will help you save money. LED lights do not emit heat, and they last much longer than regular light bulbs.

Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable flooring is the final step in building a home like this. When you get bamboo flooring, you can be sure that you were not taking down part of a forest just to decorate your home. Plus, you will find that these floors look like real hardwood, hold up well, and they are easy to clean.

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