Carbon Offsets Help Farmers Honor Environment

Carbon offsets have long been a way to positively impact the environment. They work to offset emissions produced in a range of industries. Now, offsets for farmers are coming into the spotlight. A recent story highlights Cargill’s efforts to connect farmers with offsets. With these small changes, the agriculture field can change for the better.

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What Are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets are any form of agriculture that renews the environment. In the case of Cargill, the firm invests in 10,000 acres across several farms in Iowa and beyond. Adopting regenerative practices protects the planet. Plus, it teaches farmers practices they adopt in other locations.

Ultimately, this new revenue stream makes it easier for farmers to switch. A farmer that might not have had the cash to go regenerative can. As the program expands, more of the industry can go green.

In other news, Microsoft recently bought 200,000 regenerative credits, infusing massive amounts of capital into a growing industry.

Going Green Beyond Offsets

Carbon offsets are a good way to help farms go green. This is, by far, and a fast and effective way to help make the agriculture field greener. However, there are other things to be done.

If your farm has already looked into offsets, you can also try recycled and reusable products. Bags help workers pull product from the fields. The same reusable bags work well in warehouses and processing facilities. You can even use recycled bags at a farm stand.

Converting as much of what you use to recycled reduces overall consumption.

Order Today

You can order recycled and reusable products today. There are several areas where you can make a difference. Yes, you need offsets. You also need to make a statement in your daily operations. Making the switch today can sustain your farm for generations to come.

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