Carpinteria Decides to Ban Bags, Advices Shoppers to Bring their Own Bags

Eco friendly productsWith the entire United States becoming eco-minded, most of the counties and cities are imposing a ban on single-use plastics bags. By doing so, they hope to reduce the increasing levels of plastic waste in the country. Carpinteria is another city to follow the lead of quite a few counties and cities such as San Mateo City and Portland, which have gone ahead with imposing a ban on plastic bags offered at the big convenience stores.

Bag ban currently applies only to big stores in Carpinteria

The shoppers in Carpinteria have been asked to bring their own wholesale reusable bags when they go shopping in a large store. As of now, the ban on usage and provision of plastic bags applies only to the bigger stores in Carpinteria. Smaller stores and other businesses will have to follow the ban from the summer of 2013. Main intention of imposing this ban in the city is to help reduce the rising levels of pollution and also help reduce the litter.

Most of the customers seem to agree with the ordinance and they think it is a great measure that will help keep the environment clean. It is a long awaited measure as the creeks in Carpinteria are clogged with plastic bags, which ends up harming the marine life. The introduction of the bag ban is a great opportunity to clean up these creeks and restore balance in the ecosystem.

Shoppers agree to bring their own wholesale reusable bags

When the city council members told the residents that they will have to bring their own bags, there wasn’t much resistance seen. Most of the shoppers feel that there is a lot of trash lying around and that it is their duty to help save the planet, which is why they have no problem  carrying their own wholesale reusable bags.

The shoppers in most other cities in the US have already gotten used to the habit of carrying the bags. In fact, the shoppers prefer using the reusable totes to paper bags, as the reusable totes are stronger, don’t leak and don’t tear. Some of the customers, who forget to bring their reusable totes, just fill their carts and directly load the car. One reason why shoppers are doing so is to protect the environment. The other reason is to not pay the extra money for the paper bags offered in the grocery stores.


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