Celebrities Promote Eco-Fashion and Custom Eco Bags

Eco-FashionEco-fashion has been propagated by many celebrities in the past few years and this year, Bradley Cooper joined this list as well. Bradley Cooper wore a spectacular eco-friendly tux at this year’s Golden Globe Awards and was appreciated for his sophisticated attire by all fashionistas. Some of the other celebrities that have supported eco-friendly attires on the red carpet in the past few years are Demian Bichir, Colin Firth, Javier Bardem, and Kenneth Branagh.

Bradley’s eco-tux

Bradley Cooper wore a chic black eco-tux at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. This tux was designed by Tom Ford and was made using environment-friendly wool. Bradley’s tux was a two piece tux and was made using European wool that has a very low impact on the environment. As a matter of fact, the wool used in the tux is OEKO-TEX certified.

The designer of this tux, Tom Ford, has been in the news in the past few years for his innovative choice of materials. According to Livia Firth, the creative director at Eco Age, many designers consider Tom as an inspiration as he has a keen sense of merging eco-friendly materials with aesthetics. As a matter of fact, Eco Age is very proud of his designs as well.

Other fashion houses promote eco-friendly dresses and custom eco bags

There are many fashion houses that are trying to promote eco-fashion among the youth. These brands feel that with celebrities endorsing eco-friendly looks, the youth will also be inspired to spend their money on eco-friendly outfits. At present, famous fashion houses such as Chanel, Valentino, and Gucci are trying to look for eco-friendly materials to make their clothes.

Apart from dresses, designers are also trying to encourage eco-friendly accessories such as custom eco bags among the youth. Eco-friendly accessories are easier to adapt, so experts feel that they will have a wider customer market than eco-friendly dresses. Furthermore, individuals who can’t purchase these accessories from the stores can make them using recycled materials on their own. So experts feel that brands should promote these accessories more than eco-friendly attires.

Eco-fashion in other prominent forums

Many other award functions are expected to take place in the coming one or two months time, and the fashion industry is waiting to see which other celebrities will endorse eco-friendly looks at the red carpet this year. The Oscars are the most awaited event of the season, and experts are hoping that this year, many more celebrities will wear eco-friendly outfits for it.

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