Chicago Seeking To Ban Plastic Bags

Beginning in November of 2011, Chicago City Council began discussing banning plastic bags in stores over 5,000 square feet in size.  1st Ward Alderman, Proco Joe Moreno is leading the environmental charge.  Chicago is looking to cities such as San Francisco, Brownsville, and Aspen for bag ban advice and success rates.

The specifics of the plastic bag ban are still being worked through in council meetings.  Right now, there is set to be a tax of $.10 on retailers for every plastic bag they buy and manufacturers will be required to develop a bag collection and recycling plan.  Under the proposed ordinance, stores would be fined $150 to $250 for not complying.

Community members are currently split on the issue as some people feel the tax will only add to food bill bottom lines and not cut down on plastic bag consumption.  According to the Chicago Tribune Opinion, some restaurant owners are concerned the bag ban will affect their take out business and inconvenience consumers too much.

Other community members feel that residents would begin to use reusable shopping bags if the tax is implemented, as the whole point of the ban is not to collect more tax but to reduce plastic trash that ends up on streets, sewer systems and landfills. is hosting a plastic bag ban petition for residents to sign in support of the ban.





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