Clean Air Excellence Award Given to SC Johnson

Eco Friendly ProductIt was declared today that SC Johnson has been awarded the Clear Air Excellence Award for 2012 for its long standing commitment to the environment. The award was presented by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the yearly award honors recognized the outstanding and innovative efforts in order to help achieve cleaner air.

The company has been doing it all right in a dedicated manner for both, the planet and the people. Right from the company’s partnership with EPA to the usage of renewable energy, SC Johnson has helped in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by over 27 percent, since the year 2005. SC Johnson employees are proud of the recognition that the company got and hope to continue their efforts in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

SC Johnson: One of the 11 companies in the Clean Air Award category

The award basically recognizes the efforts of companies who demonstrate innovation, reduce gas emissions, offer sustainable results and also act as a model company for others. Apart from this award, SC Johnson also received praise for the company’s Global Sustainability Program.

SC Johnson launches eco-friendly promotional items as part of its eco-drive

The company’s dedication towards the environments spans decades. SC Johnson is well-known to take initiatives and a holistic approach about using fewer resources, making winning eco-friendly promotional items and generating less waste. In 2012, SC Johnson started the Greener Choices Marketplace, which offers a bunch of concentrated refill products for all of its brands’ products.

Each of these refills uses almost 79 percent less plastic than the other standard bottles. In the same year, the company has also received a Climate Leadership Award for Excellence from the EPA.

Sustainable innovation

The company’s usage of innovative renewable energy sources has played a major role in the greenhouse gas reductions. Waxdale, its biggest manufacturing facility, is powered by 2 cogenerating turbines, which helps in reducing the annual carbon emissions by almost 52,000 tons. Since 2005, the facility has been powered by natural gas and waste methane in order to generate the daily load of electricity.

The company also helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by using wind power. SC Johnson is presently building 2 wind turbines, which are expected to be around 415 feet tall, and can help reduce the carbon emissions related to powering the facility.


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