Colleges that have Gone Green

College students across the nation are among the most adamant supporters of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Students and administrators alike have come to understand the importance of environmental protection and have collaborated on a number of eco-friendly ideas that everyone can learn from.

College campuses have gone beyond simply recycling in their efforts at sustainability and carbon neutrality. Many campuses have initiated programs for land conservation, organic gardens and farms, composting, installing green roofs and even natural waste treatment facilities. Some campuses have also switched to using biodiesel vehicles and hybrids, solar power, eco-friendly appliances and wind-power, as well as utilizing rainwater collectors.

Warren Wilson College, Evergreen State College and Arizona State University are just a few of the college campuses that have been recognized for their efforts to go green. Warren Wilson College, in Asheville, NC, is home to an EcoDorm, which has a number of features that reduce energy usage, improve indoor air quality, and lower water waste. Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, has an organic farm that is open to the entire campus and teaches students about organic farming techniques and sustainability. Arizona State University launched its College of Sustainability in 2007, a building that features wind turbines, recycled flooring, and efficient energy and water fixtures.

Colleges view their eco-friendly campuses with a sense of pride and accomplishment. In the same way they compete over athletic or academic standings, they have begun comparing and competing against one another to see who is more eco-friendly with their environmentally related policies, practices and academic offerings.

You don’t have to be enrolled at one of these colleges to take a stand for sustainability. You can take a step toward an eco-friendly lifestyle by planting your own organic garden, composting or opting for recycled reusable bags over plastic bags. Contact us at today to find out more.

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